Professor Douglas Leith

Chair of Computer Systems
Tel. +353 (0)1 8961534

School of Computer Science and Statistics
Room 140, Lloyd Institute,
Trinity College
Dublin 2, Ireland



Wireless Networks
I've worked a good deal on 802.11/WiFi networks, mainly related to MAC analysis and design. My current work is focussed around small cell networks more generally, especially Femtocell, mixed LTE/WiFi networks and unlicensed LTE. This includes algorithms for collision-free decentralised scheduling, scrambling code allocation, antenna tilt angle adjustment, energy management and scheduling/routing in mixed LTE/WiFi networks.


Congestion Control
TCP congestion control involves a delicate balancing act. My current work is focussed around improving performance over lossy wireless links by use of network coding at the transport layer. Coded TCP, developed jointly with Muriel Medard, is currently being commercialised via Code On LLC and Speedy Packets.

Optimisation and Constraint Satisfaction
My interest is in lightweight/highly-scalable distributed algorithms. I've worked for some time now on fully decentralised (no message-passing) algorithms for constraint satisfaction, which we have applied to collision-free scheduling, scrambling code allocation and channel allocation in wireless networks. I'm also working on generalised max-weight algorithms for optimisation and on privacy-enhanced algorithms.

Data Privacy
This a relatively new area of interest. Current projects include methods for privacy verification e.g in online search, private recommender systems, network privacy as a service, traffic analysis attacks and defences for encrypted packet streams, fast search algorithms for detecting quasi-identifiers in large-scale data-sets and mathematical frameworks for privacy e.g. differential privacy. See also SCSS Privacy Page.

Old Research (and wind turbine benchmark)


Current Awards

  • Green Transport and Communication Networks (co-PI with Robert Shorten, Science Foundation Ireland grant € 3M, 2012-2017).
  • Telecommunications Graduate Initiative, HEA PRLTI Cycle 5 funding for extending the Network Maths (co-PI, TGI is co-ordinated by Trinity College Dublin, 2011-2015)
  • CONNECT Centre for Future Networks (co-Applicant, Science Foundation Ireland centre co-ordinated by TCD, 2015-2021)

Past Awards

  • Royal Society Research Fellowship, 1995-2005
  • An Investigation of the Benefits of Nonlinear Control for Variable Speed Wind Turbines (EPSRC Grant no. GR/L/36659, co-PI with W.E.Leithead, UKĀ£114,000, 1997-2000).
  • MAC - Multi-Agent Control: Probabilistic reasoning, optimal co-ordination, stability analysis and controller design for intelligent hybrid systems. A four year Research Training Network within the European Commission's 5th Framework (EU HPRN-CT-1999-00107, PI on € 200k share of overall € 1.2M grant, 2000-2004). )
  • Off-equilibrium: A new paradigm for divide & conquer identification of nonlinear systems (PI, UK EPSRC grant GR/R15863, £ 310000, 2001-2004)
  • SFI Principal Investigator (co-PI with Robert Shorten, Science Foundation Ireland grant 00/PI.1/C067, € 7.5M, 2001-2007)
  • CEmACS: Complex Embedded Automotive Control Systems (with Robert Shorten as PI, EU STREP Project, €220k, 2004-2007).
  • Resource allocation in WLAN's (PI, Science Foundation Ireland grant 03/IN3/I396, € 1.9M 2004-2008. Lead partner in € 5.9M Investigator cluster with University of Limerick, Dublin Institute of Technology and Intel Ireland.)
  • FutureComm (PRLTI grant with WIT, co-PI with David Malone on € 699K share of € 3.2M overall grant, 2007-2010)
  • Network Mathematics (PRLTI grant € 1.5M share of € 2.2M HI structural grant joint with CTVR at Trinity College Dublin, 2007-2010)
  • Next Generation Communication Networks (co-PI with Robert Shorten, Science Foundation Ireland grant € 4.1M, 2007-2011).
  • Flexible Architecture for Virtualizable future wireless Internet Access (FLAVIA), EU STREP project (co-PI with David Malone, project co-ordinated by University of Rome Tor Vergata, 2010-2013).
  • FAME (SFI-funded Strategic Research Cluster involving TSSG, TCD, UCD, UCC and the Hamilton Institute, co-PI with David Malone, 2009-2014).


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