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I am a research fellow at the Graphics Vision Visualisation (GV2) lab in Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin.

My research areas include scientific visualization, transfer function optimization and intuitive volume visualization and exploration. My research focuses on volume visualization with automated optimization techniques for enhancing features of interest in volume rendered images, e.g. visibility and saliency metrics, and transfer function optimization based on the metrics.

Volume visualization is an effective means of discovering or analysing 3D features in volumetric data sets, which are ubiquitous in various fields of science, medicine and engineering. However, volume data sets are difficult to deal with due to their computational complexity as well as the information overload that can arise from such visually challenging data. My research in visibility and saliency metrics and automated optimization for volume visualization addresses this information overload problem.

I am currently working on the ARTIVVIS (Real-time TIme-variant Volume VISualisation) project, which addresses the problem of real-time interactive visualisation of scientific data, namely volumetric datasets, which are ubiquitous in many application domains such as Medicine, Biology, Fluid Dynamics and Veterinary Science.

Some of my open source projects: CUDA-based volume renderer, VTK-based Volume Visualiser, GLSL-based volume ray-casting, AI Algorithm Platform (I implemented the pathfinding algorithms)

Recent Publications and Posters

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