Research interests

My research interests are in interactive computer graphics, animation and virtual reality. In particular, I am interested in research involving virtual humans and crowds (navigation, animation, rendering, and interaction in VR/AR).
My main research focus is on developing novel algorithms for behavioural simulation, animation and rendering of virtual humans, which involves the use of motion capture and GPU programming. I have experience in conducting perceptual experiments as part of my work on several recent projects that studied how people perceive the motions, body shapes and behaviours of virtual humans.
I have collaborated on cross-disciplinary projects with neuroscientists, doctors and teachers, where I applied my knowledge of crowd simulation, animation and computer graphics to design and develop applications for treatment and training purposes in VR. My research has involved research and advanced software development on a variety of visualization platforms (monitor, AR setup and VR).

VR, AR, Free Viewpoint Video

Crowd Simulation and Navigation

Character Animation & Appearance

VR in Training & Treatment

[V-SENSE] [School of Computer Science and Statistics] [Trinity College Dublin]