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HRAM0 Project - Research on Memory Safety

Vector Encodings for Inner Product Predicates

Another Look at Attribute-Based Group Homomorphic Encryption

Equivalence Between Integer Comparison and Disjointness Testing of "Prefix" Sets

Open Problem (Theoretical Cryptography): Simultaneously Achieving Both Anonymity and Homomorphism in Additively-Homomorphic IBE

Uberlight: Minimalistic Flat-file Blog Engine Written in PHP

Extension to Markdown Supporting LateX-Style Theorem Environments, References and Citations

Overlapping Circles and the Flower of Life

Breaking Anonymity in IBE from Higher Residuosity

Low-depth Circuits for Computing the Hamming Weight

Parasitic Numbers

Double Trouble Numbers

Simple Circuit Description Framework

Fully Homomorphic Encryption Evaluator

Simple Circuit Description Language