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This document presents the Novel Authoritative Interlinking of Schema and Concepts (NAISC) approach to Linked Data interlinking for the library domain.

1. NAISC - Novel Authoritative Interlinking of Schema and Concepts

By interlinking internal Linked Data (LD) entities to related LD entities published by authoritative creators and holders of data, libraries have the potential to expose their collections to a larger audience and to allow for richer user searches. While increasing numbers libraries are devoting time to publishing LD, the full potential of these datasets has not been explored due to limited LD interlinking. In 2018 we conducted a survey which explored the position of Information Professionals (IPs), such as librarians, archivists and cataloguers, with regards to LD. Results indicated that IPs find the process of data interlinking to be a particularly challenging step in the creation of Five Star LD. Consequently, we developed NAISC, the Novel Authoritative Interlinking of Shema and Concepts. NAISC is an interlinking approach designed specifically for the library domain aimed at facilitating increased IP engagement in the LD interlinking process.

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3. Get access

To get access to NAISC, please contact the authors.

4. Publications

  1. Understanding the Position of Information Professionals with regards to Linked Data: A Survey of Libraries, Archives and Museums
    Lucy McKenna, Christophe Debruyne and D O'Sullivan.
    In: Proceedings of the 18th ACM/IEEE on Joint Conferenceon Digital Libraries, 7–16

5. Acknowledgments

This study is supported by the Science Foundation Ireland (Grant13/RC/2106) as part of the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Platform Research (http://www.adaptcentre.ie/) at Trinity College Dublin.