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Dr. Kevin Koidl

Status: Research Fellow

Qualifications: Ph.D., M.Sc. (Dipl. Wirtsch. Inf. TU)
Thesis Title (Ph.D.): Cross-Site Personalisation
Thesis Title (M. Sc.): Modelling of Learning Strategies in Adaptive Hypermedia eLearning Systems (pdf)
Research Group: Knowledge and Data Engineering Group KDEG
Location: Room F.32, O'Reilly Institute, Department of Computer Science, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland (map)
Telephone: +353 (0)1 896 - 1397
Fax: +353 (0)1 677 - 2204
e-Mail: Kevin.Koidl(at)scss.tcd.ie
Personal Website: www.kevinkoidl.com


    Kevin is a research fellow in the Knowledge and Data Engineering Group (KDEG) of the School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin (TCD). Kevin graduated in 2006 with a Masters in Business Information Technology (Witschaftsinformatik) from the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany (consistantly ranked No. 1 in Germany). His master thesis was related to eLearning strategy generation within the SAP L3 architecture. In addition Kevins specialised study was in International Management investigating cultural differences in leadership. Currently, Kevin is actively researching in the areas of Web Personalisation as part of the CSET Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL) and LIDER project (www.lider-project.eu) studying multilingual content usage on the web.


    Kevins research investigates personalisation in large, dynamic and spontaneous information spaces. Typical application areas are eLearning, recommender systems and cross-site personalisation. The main objective of such personalisation is to assist the user in exploring current interests through content or link modification ranging from subtle highlighting to restructuring of content and links. Advantages for the user can be reducing the feeling of being lost and being cognitively overloaded due to finding and identifying information which may not be related to the current user.

    Research Commercialisation

    Kevin's research and Ph.D. Thesis has resulted in the research commercialisation project wripl (www.wripl.com). Wripl offers personalisation as a service. It has been developed within the research center CNGL and is now being deployed to various online publishers. Wripls main solutions are the wripl personalisation as a service platform and wripl analytics. To date wripl has attracted funds in excess of 250k Euro from both Science Foundation Ireland (Technology Innovation Development Feasibility Study) and Enterprise Ireland (Commercialisation Fund for Third Level Researchers). Wripl has been mentioned in various press announcements and has received awards from ITLG and SFI.


    wripl CNGL 80days Elektra iclass


    Web based system and method for cross-site personalisation (US20120317186 A1)

    Attracted Funding

    Science Foundation Ireland - Trechnology Innovation Development Award (TIDA) Feasibility Study 2012 - approx. 60k Euro

    Science Foundation Ireland - Technology Innovation Development Award (TIDA) Enterpreneurship Training 2012 - approx. 5k Euro

    Enterprise Ireland - Commercial Case Feasibility Grant - approx. 15k Euro

    Enterprise Ireland - Commercialisation Fund for 3rd Level Researchers - approx. 180k Euro


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    Koidl K., Conlan C., Wei L. and Saxton A.M. (2011) Non-invasive Browser Based User Modeling Towards Semantically Enhanced Personlization of the Open Web. FINA-3A: Semantic Web and Systems, AINA 2011, Singapore [PDF].

    Koidl K., Mehm F., Hampson C. , Conlan O. and Göbel S. (2010) Dynamically Adjusting Digital Educational Games Towards Learning Objectives , Conference on Games Based Learning, Danish School of Education Aarhus University, Copenhagen, Denmark, 21-22 October, 2010 [PDF].

    Koidl K., Conlan O., Wade V. (2009) Non-Invasive Adaptation Service for Web-based Content Management Systems (AH2009), International Workshop on Dynamic and Adaptive Hypertext: Generic Frameworks, Approaches and Techniques, Torino, Italy [PDF].

    Koidl, K., Conlan, O. (2008) Engineering Information Systems towards facilitating Scrutable and Configurable Adaptation, Fifth International Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-based Systems (AH2008), Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5149, Hannover, Germany, 28 July - 1 August 2008, pp405-409 [PDF].

    Abbing J., Koidl K. (2006)Template Approach for Adaptive Learning Strategies In: Workshop Proceedings of the Adaptive Hypermedia 2006 (AH 2006), Dublin, Ireland, 2006. [PDF].

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