Cryptography Pointers

This is a collection of pointers to various sites that contain information on cryptographic and other security related issues. As a part of my MSc. I also investigated the use of tamper-resistant devices for storing cryptographic keys and perfoming cryptographic operations. There is also a set of pointers to sites that contain information on Smartcards.


Computer Security Publications - NIST security related publications.

Cryptography Pointers - Pointers to various news groups.

FAQs by Category: - Cryptography-FAQ

Netsurfer Focus on Cryptography and Privacy - Perl scripts and other nice references.

Quadralay Cryptography Archive - Kerbros, PGP, RIPEM etc.

RSA Data Security, Inc.'s Home Page - Public-key cryptography.

Ronald L. Rivest : Cryptography and Security - Bibliographies.

Ross Anderson's Home Page _ Theoretical aspects of cryptography.

Security Related Net-pointers

Security Research (IBM) - Security Research at IBM Zurich Laboratories

Stephen's Crypto Homepage.


Card Europe Main Index Page _ The association of SmartCards across Europe.

FAQ for

Gemplus Card International Home Page - Smartcard manufacturer.

National Chipcard Forum - NCP of Netherlands

Smart Card: CASCADE PROJECT - Esprit Project.

V-ONE Network Security - Smartcard manufacturer, commercial info.

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