Online Courses and Lecture Notes

This is a collection of courses and lecture notes that I have found on the Internet. They are mainly related to topics in Computer Science.

Computer Science (General)

A very large collection of University Courses in Computer and Information Science . The site has links to on-line material on artificial intellegence, computer graphics, algorithsms, operating systems, datbases, networks etc.

Lecture notes on Algorithms plus course materials.

A Collection of Lecture Notes, Surveys and Papers . Topics covered tend to be in the area of theoretical computer science.

A list of couses and course material at the UC Davis Computer Science Department.

Courses and Seminars at the Computer Science Department of the Caltech Institute of Technology.

Computer Science courses at the University of Cardiff Wales.

A list of courses at the School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University.

Courses in at the University of North Carolina.

A list of courses at Cornell University .

A list of online courses at Harvard University.

Course Home Pages at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Coumpter science courses at Indiana University

A searchable index of courses offered at MIT.

Computer Applications Course Notes and Materials at the MS/CIS department at Rutgers. Topics include UNIX, EMACS, Internet Tools, TCP/IP, Encryption, HTML.

A list of computer science at Washington University.

Undergraduate courses at the University of Pennsylvania.

CS&E Course Webs at the University of Washington. Topics such as programming languages, software engineering, artificial intelligence (AI), computer graphics are covered.

A large list of computer science courses at the University of Wellington.

The World Lecture Hall . This page of UT Austin Web Central contains links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver class materials. For example, you will find course syllabi, assignments, lecture notes, exams, class calendars, multimedia textbooks, etc.


Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures Using C++

C++ Annotations


The Java Course Home Page . Contains lecture slides and student projects.

An introductury course in java programming.

A Client-Server Programming course with java as the programming language.

Data Communications & Computer Networks

Topics in Networking . A commercial course by RAD Data Communications. In-depth coverage of Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI.

The InterNIC 15 minute series on the Internet and WWW

The InterOperability Lab Network Tutorials

Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet Page . Everything that you ever wanted to know about Ethernet and Fast Ethetnet

Jim Brinkly's lecture notes on TCP/IP and Networking in postscript format.

Dr. Midkiff's Course Resources . Mostly Networks and Telecommunications stuff.

Data Communications Resources for Instructors. Lots of useful links.

University Telecommunication Courses . A large collection of courses being taught at a number of universities world wide.

A web site with support for students and instructors using William Stallings book entitled "Data and Computer Communications". There are a number of links to sites which have courses based on the book.

A list of figures from Andrew Tanenbaum's popular book Computer Networks 3rd Ed. If you use the textbook, then this will save you from photocopying the figures.

An on-line source of diagrams and other teaching material for Computer Networks and Intrernets by Douglas Comer.

An excellent course in Data Communications and Networks course at Aberdeen University. Deals in detail with the Physical and Data link layers.

Internet On-Line Self Study Courseware from the Central Institute of Technology (CIT) New Zealand. Contains links to a number of computer science subjects. There are some good slides for a data communications course.

A good course on Computer Engineering Networks at Cornell University with PowerPoint slides.

Lecture notes and tutorials at the Central Queensland University.

The Network Book at Columbia University. A comprehensive introduction to networking and distributed computing technologies. Detailed description of application layer. Excellent powerpoint slides in postscript format.

An excellent course on Data Communications and Computer Networks at the Illonois Institute of Technology.

Another excellent course on Principles of Computer Networks at the Illonois Institute of Technology. Links to a number of other excellent on-line courses!!!

Data Communications - Modems Labs at the Torrens Valley Institute of TAFE.

Lecture notes in MSc in Data Communication Networks and Distributed Systems at University College London.

An Introduction to Data Comunications and Networking from the University of Exeter.

Networking lecture notes in PDF format at the University of Manitoba . (A large number of topics are covered)

An excellent collection of lecture notes at the University of Massachussetts. Detailed description of TCP and IP protocol design and implementation

University of Newcastle (OZ), courses online.

Data Communications and Networking , Fall 1996 at Rowan College, New Jersey.

A course on Telecommunications Networks at Virginia Tech. Contains some good tutorial questions on SONET and SDH and lecture notes on ATM.

A course on Telecommunications Transmission Technologies at Worchester Polytechnic Institute.

Information Theory

A short course in Information theory by David McKay at Cambridge U.K.

Information Theory course at CMU

Information Theory course at Stanford

Entropy on the World Wide Web

Operating Systems

A very large list of Operating Systems (OS) courses.

Wireless and Mobile Networking

A course on Cellular Telephony . Uses AMPS as an example.

Wireless Mobile Computing .

Some postscript slides on IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Standard.

This site contains extracts from a commercially available CD-ROM . Note that some of the links off this page are missing.

Home page of Randy H. Katz , contains links to a number of courses plus course notes on Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing

A course on Mobile Computing and Intelligent Agents