L2 Registration for Colour Transfer

Mairead Grogan
Trinity College Dublin
M. Prasad
Trinity College Dublin
Rozenn Dahyot
Trinity College Dublin


This paper proposes to perform colour transfer by minimising a divergence (the L2 distance) between two colour distributions. We propose to model each dataset by a compact Gaussian mixture which is designed for the specific purpose of colour transfer between images which have different scene content. A non rigid transformation is estimated by minimising the Euclidean distance (L2) between these two distributions, and the estimated transformation is used for transferring colour statistics from one image to another. Experimental results show that this is a very promising approach for transferring colour and it performs very well against an alternative reference approach.

  • L2 Registration for Colour Transfer , M. Grogan, M.Prasad, R. Dahyot, European Signal Processing Conference (Eusipco), Sept 2015

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    Some More Results

    Original Image Palette Image Pitie et al. Affine Transformation TPS Transformation

    Original and Palette images sourced from: hqwallbase.com; wallpaperscraft.com; afremov.com; restorationpath.org; helene-brennan.com; pl.forwallpaper.com