About Me

I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on the V-Sense research project, working with Professor Aljosa Smolic in Trinity College Dublin. I am also a member of the Graphics Vision and Visualization (GV2) group in the School of Computer Science and Statistics. I received my undergraduate degree in Pure Mathematics and Statistics from Maynooth University, and my masters degree in Interactive Entertainment Technology, from Trinity College Dublin. I also completed my PhD in Trinity College Dublin, in the areas of colour transfer and shape registration using functional data representations.

Research Interests

My research interests lie at the intersection between computer vision, computer graphics and mathematics and include image processing, colour and style transfer, shape registration, 3D reconstruction, and functional analysis.

  • Computer Vision
  • Image Processing
  • Colour and Style Transfer
  • Shape Registration
  • Statistics
  • Functional Analysis



2D Shading for Cel Animation

M. Hudon, R Pagés, M. Grogan, J. Ondrej and A. Smolic. Expressive 2018 , June 2018

Shape Registration with Directional Data

M. Grogan and R. Dahyot , Pattern Recognition , July 2018

A Pipeline for Lenslet Light Field Quality Enhancement

P. Matysiak, M. Grogan, M. Pendu, M. Alain and A. Smolic. ICIP 2018

Automatic Palette Extraction for Image Editing

M. Grogan, M. Hudon, D. McCormack, A. Smolic. IMVIP 2018 , Aug 2018

Colour Correction for Stereoscopic Omnidirectional Images

S.Crocis, M. Grogan, S. Knorr, A. Smolic IMVIP 2018 , Aug 2018


User Interaction for Image Recolouring using L2

M. Grogan, R. Dahyot and A.Smolic. Conference on Visual Media Production . London, December 2017. Awarded best paper.

Robust Registration of Gaussian Mixtures for Colour Transfer

M. Grogan and R. Dahyot, Arxiv, May 2017

IDT Vs L2 Distance for Point Set Registration

H. Alghamdi, M. Grogan and R. Dahyot, book of proceedings of the Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing conference(IMVIP), Maynooth University Aug 2017


Recent techniques for (re)colouring

M. Grogan, J. Carvalho and R. Dahyot, book of proceedings of the Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing conference(IMVIP), Galway, August 25-26 2016

Colour Transfer and Shape Registration using Functional Data Representations

Ph.D Thesis, Sept 2016


L2 Registration for Colour Transfer

M. Grogan, M. Prasad and R. Dahyot, European Signal Processing Conference (Eusipco), ISBN 978-0-9928626-4-0, Nice France, September 2015.

L2 registration for Colour Transfer in Videos

M. Grogan and R. Dahyot, in Conference on Visual Media Production, London, November 2015.

3D Reconstruction of Reflective Spherical Surfaces from Multiple Images

A. Bulbul, M. Grogan and R. Dahyot, Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing conference, pages 19-26


Mesh from Depth images_webpage Using GR2T

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Contact Me

  • mgrogan@tcd.ie
  • 01 896 8174
  • Stack-B, School of Computer Science and Statistics, Custom House Quay, IFSC, Dublin 1, Dublin, Ireland