More about me

I was born at Naihati, a small city about thirty kilometres from Kolkata, capital city of the state of West Bengal, India. After finishing school in 2007, I came to Kolkata to study engineering. I studied at West Bengal Unversity of Technology and graduated in 2011 in Computer Science. Unable to choose between job and higher studies, I took up an internship opportunity at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. There, I became interested in research and decided to pusue masters. In 2012, I joined Center for Visual Information Technology (CVIT), IIIT Hyderabad as a MS (by research) student. Finally, after four years at Hyderabad, I joined the V-Sense group at TCD as a PhD student. Currently. I live in Dublin.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Travelling and Street Photography

    I enjoy travelling to new places. I try to pen down my experiences in a new city as a blog, which I never finish and publish. I am trying my hands at street photography. I like to stroll around the streets with my camera and listen to the dialect, taste the food and feel the pulse.

    Please check my blog and photo essays on Hyderabad, if intersested.

    Blog :

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