Mohammed Al-Rawi

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Who am I?

I am an Elite-S research fellow. My expertise lies in the areas of Computer Vision,
Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Statistical Analysis.

Staff Member: School of Computer Science and Statistics, ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin


What I do?

My research focuses on applying AI to the Fashion industry.
My goal is to design apps that provide customers high-quality fashion style.
No matter what the preferences or type of their style preferences, I think artistic and professional style results can be achieved via AI.



Computer Vision Foundation, PyTorch Forum



Please get in touch if you think we can do something practical and useful together.



e-mail: alrawim at tcd dot ie




Office:  F35, O'Reilly Institute, TCD, College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland

Telf: +353 (0) 1 896 4993


 Elite-S: Future Leadership in ICT and Standardization in Europe


Synopsis of my project (DDOIF)

Entitled “Digital Data Organization and Exchange in Fashion (DDOIF)”, the project aims to develop a data exchange protocol that defines fashion items' terminology, vocabulary, descriptions, categories and sub-categories, anatomy, characteristics, colors and patterns. Fashion companies that adopt DDOIF will gain a competitive market advantage as the protocol / standard will facilitate the development of powerful applications. Applications that can make use of DDOIF are as follows: brand forensics and protection, archival and retrieval, fashion classification, and the next-generation recommender systems. DDOIF can help delivering a more effective and superior customer shopping experience.




My Presentation on Fashion and AI