Extending Visual Sensation through Image-Based Visual Computing

Since September 2016, I am a research fellow in the V-SENSE project, lead by Professor Aljosa Smolic. V-SENSE is a team of 20+ researchers (half postdocs half PhDs) in Visual Computing at the intersection of Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Media Signal Processing. My research is focused on light field imaging technologies, investigating novel methods for light field denoising, scene reconstruction from light field, and light field rendering.

Light fields imaging technologies

Light fields capture all light rays passing through a given volume of space. Compared to traditional 2D imaging systems which capture the spatial intensity of the light rays, the 4D light fields also contain the angular direction of light rays. This additional information allows for multiple applications in different research areas such as image processing, computer vision, and computer graphics, including (but not limited to) the reconstruction of the 3D geometry of a scene, creating new images from virtual point of view, or changing the focus of an image after it is captured. Light fields are also a growing topic of interest in the VR/AR community.

Below is an example of a light field captured with a Lytro Illum camera, which allows for refocusing and changing the perspective.