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BA Management Science and Information Systems Studies (MSISS)What our graduates say

MSISS produces graduates who are analytical, flexible and creative. These are highly demanded skills that are applicable across a range of careers. When I think of my own class, it is now made up of accountants, actuaries, management consultants, traders, marketers, an online product manager, and a post-doctorate in psychology.

A unique thing about MSISS is that although the theory of subjects is covered, consideration is given to building practical skills. The teaching methods vary too; formal lectures, laboratories, role-playing, real-life projects, many with an emphasis on group work. When I started my first job as a management consultant in London, the MSISS training meant that I was prepped to hit the ground running.

The small class size was a huge positive for me; tight bonds were formed between classmates and we got greater access to faculty members. Having said that, our network was not compromised - we had some classes with engineering and business students so we got to know them too.

I am now doing an MBA in Stanford Graduate School of Business in California. In a way MSISS is like a mini-MBA; it attracts smart, pleasant and driven people and focuses on developing both intellectual and interpersonal skills in order to make students effective problem solvers.  Putting MSISS on the top of my CAO form was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I look back on my four years in MSISS with great fondness and gratitude.

Charmaine Kenny,Graduate 2005, MBA Student, Stanford Graduate, School of Business

I had always enjoyed a broad range of subjects in school and wanted a course that allowed me to continue to pursue my interests in business and technology without narrowing my career choices, MSISS seemed like MSISS graduates are recognised by employers as having a great work ethic and strong practical skills. With my software skills, I had access to exciting opportunities early in my career at KPMG. An added benefit of the course is its focus on 'soft' skills such as team-work, problem-solving and presentation skills. These skills are vital to ensuring success in today's employment market and have proven very useful in my career so far. If you enjoy a combination of maths, business and/or technology and want a course which offers you a gateway to a broad range of careers, then MSISS is for you!

Lauren Kelly, Graduate 2007, Chartered Accountant & Manager in Corporate Finance, KPMG

A guidance counsellor recommended MSISS to me when I was in 6th year. The course seemed like a healthy balance between IT, Business and Maths. At the time I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after college so a course with a broad range of subjects seemed like a great idea as it wouldn’t limit my options in the future.

I graduated from MSISS in 2009 and I found that MSISS graduates are very highly regarded in the workplace. I worked in KPMG in Business Performance and IT Advisory for two years before moving to Ulster Bank to work in Treasury. I found that the skills I’ve learned in MSISS have been critical to my career development, not many courses provide the blend of skills MSISS does. MSISS wasn’t focussed purely on book learning; there was a lot of hands on experience over the course of the four years that really helped to develop the skills we learned in class.

The small class size guarantees a better learning experience. The teaching staff are genuinely interested in how you’re progressing and are available to help if you are experiencing any difficulties. Academically, I can’t speak highly enough of the course, but there’s also an amazing social aspect to MSISS. I made lifelong friends during my time in MSISS and had a fantastic college experience. I suppose my only regret is that the four years flew by!

Aoife Nic Aonghusa, Graduate 2009, Credit Capital Forecasting Analyst in the Capital Management Unit, Ulster Bank

I discovered MSISS while looking through the prospectus shortly after visiting the University open day.  Almost immediately I knew that the combination of business, IT and quantitative subjects was just what I wanted. MSISS provides a strong grounding in analytical methods, business principles and practical exercise of software applications. The combination of these along with extensive development of interpersonal skills such as team working and communication make graduates very employable.

I currently work as a Strategy and Operations Analyst at YouTube in London, and have previously worked in Switzerland in Project Portfolio Management at Credit Suisse.  Despite being very different organizations, the skills I developed from MSISS have been invaluable in each of these roles.

MSISS also has a great social side to it and strong sense of community. The small class size allows you to quickly build relationships with those in your own year and others. I would strongly recommend MSISS if you enjoy maths and have an interest in business and IT, it's a great course, and will open up a wide range of opportunities for you.

Derek Morrin, Graduate 2010, Strategy and Operations Analyst at Youtube

Not knowing what to study or what career would best suit me, I read prospectuses on many different courses from many different universities. After stumbling upon MSISS I realised it ticked all the boxes I was looking for a mature and well regarded course from a top university with a great mix of maths, technology and business. Learning that MSISS graduates were always in demand in the workplace due to their unique skill set was also very encouraging. There was also the benefit of getting really useful technical and business skills that could be applied to a huge variety of careers.

The most important skill I developed over the four years was a logical and analytical approach to problem solving. It is a huge part of any career and a highly transferrable skill. MSISS graduates have a reputation for strong teamwork, good communication skills and working hard to meet tight deadlines while producing exceptional quality work.

While I found the course challenging, it was also hugely enjoyable and certainly prepared me for the professional workplace. I'd recommend MSISS to any ambitious and driven student who's looking for something slightly different in the rapidly growing ICT and business sphere.

David McNamee, Graduate 2011, Supply Chain Business Analyst, Kerry Group

Making the decision about what to do after school is a massive step and my biggest concern was always around how to position myself best for employment opportunities three or four years down the line. I had a natural love for business and was always interested in technology so from quite early on MSISS was on my radar. I fell in love with Trinity College on the open day and after speaking to some students on the MSISS stand it really cemented the course as my number one choice.

MSISS provides you with a core skillset that is valued across a number of different industries and roles. Further to this and perhaps most crucially it offers the ability to develop your thinking with respect to problem solving. It also has one of the best employment records for any course in the country. My latest role as a Programme Strategy Manager is responsible for defining the Network Technologies Strategy and Roadmap for one of the UK's largest banks. I was driven to succeed from early on and MSISS has been an invaluable tool in allowing me to achieve my ambitions.

Darragh Keogh, Graduate 2012, Programme Strategy Manager, Future Leaders Development Programme, Barclays

MSISS students complete real world type projects and learn practical skills which are valued by employers. The course has an excellent reputation which leads to exciting and varied employment opportunities.

I work in Corporate Finance at Deloitte and am studying to become a Chartered Accountant. Every day on the job I use skills honed and developed through my study of MSISS which include Information Technology skills together with other skills such as report writing and problem solving. These skills are key to building a successful career. MSISS is a dynamic course, which will appeal to students with an interest in modern business issues such as big data, data analytics and information technology.

Laura Headon, Graduate 2012, Corporate Finance, Deloitte