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Syllabus - Year 4 (B.Sc.)


CS4101 Information security

This module gives students a comprehensive appreciation of information systems security concepts and techniques including privacy and data protection. Students learn how to factor security considerations into their professional practice, and practise useful techniques such as risk analysis and contingency planning.

Assessment: Examination and continuous assessment.

CS4102 Innovation

This course is designed to enable students to handle innovation ("getting new things done") in business effectively, with special emphasis on creativity, the use of intellectual property and the special problems of raising seed and venture capital for innovative projects and of protecting investment in innovation.

Assessment: Examination and continuous assessment.

CS4103 Information systems management

This module is concerned with management of the IS function and infrastructure in its broadest sense, encompassing data centres, end-user computing, outsourcing and facilities management. Through participative case studies, students gain experience of management issues concerning the full range of IS activities.

Assessment: Examination and continuous assessment.

CS4104 Advanced information systems

Through presentations by external and internal experts, online seminars and workshops, this module addresses pressing contemporary topics in IT and IS including practitioner-oriented themes and cutting-edge research results. Students investigate, discuss, present and write about topics that interest them.

Assessment: Examination and continuous assessment.

CS4105 Final year project

Working individually or in groups, students address a significant question, topic or problem, using formal research methods or through more practice-oriented investigations such as consulting work, R&D or system development. Students present their results and formally document their work in a comprehensive report.

Assessment: Dissertation and presentation.

CS4106 Information systems development III

This advanced module allows students to build on their expertise in information systems development and software engineering techniques. Students tackle a series of hands-on design and development challenges, and become aware of current developments in software and software engineering research.

Assessment: Examination and continuous assessment.