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Syllabus - Year 3 (B.Sc.)


CS3101 e-Business

Students learn to apply techniques and technologies in support of electronic business and electronic commerce across a range of market sectors and functional areas. Business drivers and alternative models are explored, as well as management issues such as payment processing, security and legal considerations.

Assessment: Examination and continuous assessment.

CS3102 Information systems development II

In this module students extend their programming capabilities with the concepts and skills necessary for high-quality object-oriented development. Using industry-standard modelling and design techniques, students learn to apply standard patterns and frameworks to produce robust, flexible and extensible software.

Assessment: Examination and continuous assessment.

CS3103 Business, management & IT

This module provides the foundational skills and knowledge required for IT professionals to understand and participate in organisational change. Students learn more about the principles, concepts and theory of business and management, particularly with reference to ICT and its special role in the change process.

Assessment: Examination and continuous assessment.

CS3104 Information systems strategy

This module addresses the concept of strategy and the skills of strategic information systems planning. Students analyse business and IS strategies and explore the relationships between them. Via case studies, students develop expertise in formulating IS strategy and in quantifying its implications for business operations.

Assessment: Examination and continuous assessment.

CS3105 Law & IT

This module offers an overview of legal principles relevant to business ICT from supplier and customer’s perspectives. Students learn to set policy appropriately and to work with legal constructs such as contracts and service level agreements, exploring their interaction with models of ICT governance and management.

Assessment: Examination and continuous assessment.

CS3106 Information systems practice II

Bringing together work done to date, this module helps to build professional excellence through continued acquisition and integration of practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Students work individually and in teams on lab and classroom-based exercises designed to extend and integrate their prior learning.

Assessment: Continuous assessment.

CS3107 – Social computing

This module addresses the increasing impacts of social computing on society and business. Students will experience different ways in which social computing technologies can be applied. Social computing encompasses social networking, Enterprise 2.0, internet activism/advocacy, crowd sourcing, review systems, social/viral marketing, blogging, podcasts, wikis and other collaboration tools.

Assessment: Examination and continuous assessment

CS3108 – Systems analysis and design

Analysis and design are core skills for information systems professionals. This module gives students first-hand experience with contemporary techniques used in the analysis and design of information systems. Students will understand the important role that analysis and design play in the information systems process.

Assessment: Examination and continuous assessment