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Syllabus - Year 2 (Diploma)


CS2101 Information & communications technology

In this module students investigate the network and its implications: the technologies underlying enterprise and global information systems and the increasingly wide range of services, architectures and applications enabled by telecommunications technologies such as the internet and mobile computing.

Assessment: Written examination and continuous assessment.

CS2102 Enterprise architecture and & solution definition

Through business case studies, students learn to define enterprise architectures, aligning business processes and IT infrastructure with the goals and priorities of the organisation. Students practise the skills of eliciting and analysing organisational requirements and gain experience of the information systems design process.

Assessment: Written examination and continuous assessment.

CS2103 Project management

This module introduces the student to the universal concepts, principles and terminology of project/programme management. Students practise planning, monitoring and project control skills using suitable tools, with particular attention to perennial issues in IS projects such as communication, cost, quality and risk.

Assessment: Written examination and continuous assessment.

CS2104 Information and database management

This module equips students with the skills to analyse information structures and design data architectures. Students explore a variety of storage models and techniques including database and data warehousing as well as less structured methods, learning about fundamental issues such as integrity, security and recovery.

Assessment: Written examination and continuous assessment.

CS2105 Information systems development project

Organised into structured teams, students work with business clients to carry out planning, analysis, design, development and implementation of ICT-based solutions for specified business problems. Teams formally present the results of their projects and each student documents their work in a dissertation.

Assessment: Report, demonstration and presentation.