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Information Systems Programme




Lectures and tutorials are normally held on up to three evenings per week over 22 weeks of the year. You should be aware that additional project work and study time will also be required.

Self-study and e-resources

You should be aware that project work and study time will be required in addition to the times mentioned above. Trinity College stresses the value of face-to-face contact between staff and students, for the educational and motivational value it brings.

However, we recognise also that in today's busy world many students find it useful to take advantage of the convenience that online study can offer. Accordingly, we make a range of resources available to students for secure online access, which complements teaching delivered by traditional means.


This syllabus is designed for students joining the programme in the academic year 2015/16, but may change over the period of the programme. It is subject to frequent review in order to reflect the changing needs of the rapidly-evolving IT/IS field.

Click on the headings below to view more information about the modules in each year of the course.  

B.Sc (Hons)

Year 3

Students choose 6 modules

Year 4

Students choose 5 modules

CS1101 Information Systems CS2101 Information & Communications Technology CS3101 e-Business CS4101 Information Security
CS1102 Internet Systems CS2102 Enterprise Architecture & Solution Definition CS3102 IS Development II CS4102 Innovation
CS1103 Organisation & Management CS2103 Project Management CS3103 Business, Management & IT CS4103 IS Management
CS1104 IS Development I CS2104 Information & Database Management CS3104 Information Systems Strategy  CS4104 Advanced IS
CS1105 Business Methods



CS2105 IS Development Project (Group)

CS3105 Law and IT


CS4105 Research Project (Group)

CS1106 IS Practice I CS3106 IS Practice II
  CS3107 Social Computing
CS3108 Systems Analysis and Design CS4106 IS Development III



BSc (Hons) IS - Module Flexibility

Choose the combination of modules which best suits your interests: technical, application-oriented or management. The course has streams in Information Systems and Computer Science, with recommended modules, but students have considerable freedom to choose the modules that meet their own needs and interests.

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