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BSc/Diploma in Information SystemsStudent Comments on the IS Programme

The BSc IS made a valuable contribution to my knowledge of technology in business, and it helped me take the next step in my career.
Ronan Tarrant, Assistant Vice President, Citibank. TCD B.Sc IS graduate, 2007

I have benefited greatly in terms of increasing my knowledge in many aspects of IS. The course has given me more than just a piece of paper. Many of the classes have added immensely to my overall level of knowledge in IS and for that I am appreciative of the very high quality of the academic staff.

I have had the good fortune of having progressed in my career, and I feel that this progression is in no small part due to my B.Sc. in Information Systems. The course is not easy and takes a great deal of effort and commitment to complete. This is one of the factors that make the course so valuable. The resulting qualification is one that graduates can truly be proud of and potential employers can trust.

Shane Moss. TCD B.Sc IS graduate, 2007
As a mature student (over 40)! I found that the programme facilitated those who had been away from studies for a long time. The curriculum comprises of a combination of both management and IT, which I believe go hand-in-hand in today’s rapidly changing, more competitive global market. On the technical side, the programme introduced me to the latest technologies available (to remain competitive), and also to the constantly evolving security threats and the counteractive measures available. I found the case studies were relevant to my type of organisation (large semi-state) as we endeavour to be more competitive.
Bernard Mullins, Integrated Financial Systems, An Post. TCD B.Sc IS graduate, 2007