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BSc/Diploma in Information SystemsAbout the Programme

No intake 2018/19

"More people than ever now work in and with IT. Demand for computing professionals and IT-literate businesspeople remains buoyant, and Ireland is again facing the prospect of IT skills shortages. Those working in IT can be assured of excellent career prospects. There is particular demand for IT specialists who are also effective business people, with good business knowledge and strong communication skills. That is why the Trinity IS Programme stresses the importance of broad, integrated business skills and knowledge, in addition to technology-based subject matter."

"I look forward to welcoming you onto the IS Programme. I am sure you will find it both challenging and stimulating, whether you are already established in your career as an IT professional or intend to become one. According to our students, the course requires effort and commitment. We believe this is part of what makes the Trinity College Information Systems Programme such a valuable learning experience."


The result of a major collaborative effort between Trinity College and its partners in industry, the IS Programme addresses the needs of professionals who wish to:

  • Become expert in effectively developing, applying and managing information technology;
  • Build a deep understanding of business contexts and management practices;
  • Understand the strategic, structural, and behavioural dimensions of IT-related business change.

The strongly business-focused programme is delivered by lecturers who are experienced IT professionals. Students are drawn from large, medium-sized and small indigenous companies, multinational subsidiaries and state, semi-state and financial services sectors. They include experienced professionals as well as those wishing to enter the IT sector.


The focus in the programme is on the effective application of IT to business problems. The programme is broad in scope and spans the whole continuum from business to technology.

  • Modules at the business end of the spectrum build an understanding of the nature of organisations and their management from functional and strategic perspectives. Particular emphasis is placed on the role of information as an integrating force in the pursuit of competitive strategies.
  • Modules with a stronger IT focus help you build an in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills using computer and communications technologies. You will learn to identify and apply appropriate ways of exploiting IT as an integral part of the programme.


Your degree or diploma in IS from Trinity College will equip you for a range of jobs in IT. The technical content varies, but in each role the ability to think logically and precisely, good team working and communication skills are essential.

  • Project manager: plan and coordinate projects, often involving teams inside and outside your organisation.
  • IT consultant: advise business customers and develop systems, working as an individual or for a consultancy.
  • Systems analyst: work with business people to map out requirements and liaise with developers to build systems.
  • IT support: advise customers and end users on technical issues and provide hands-on assistance.
  • Systems architect: apply technical skills and knowledge and mentor developers in designing large-scale systems.
  • Analyst/programmer: create software to meet business needs, working with colleagues and customers.
  • IT manager: plan, budget and oversee the activities of IS staff working in your organisation.