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Computer Science Programme Year 5 (MCS)

Students select to take the integrated Master in Computer Science (MCS) programme during their Senior Sophister year (typically the deadline is early in October), and as part of this programme spend the second half of Year 4 on an Internship programme. Details of how to apply for this programme are on the Senior Sophister page.

All Year 5 students take a Research Methods module and undertake a significant dissertation project. They also select 5 options counting for 25 credits some of which are run in Michaelmas term and some in Hilary term:

Prospective & current students should read the linked descriptions of the modules.

Michaelmas Term Hilary Term
CS7CS6 Research and Innovation methods (Module descriptor)
CS7092 MCS Dissertation (Website, Project Website)
Five options (totalling 25 ECTS) from the table below. Note that all options count for 5 ECTS.

Year 5 Options

The form for selecting options is available here.

CS7CS2: Innovation (Module descriptor)
CS7CS4: Machine Learning (Module descriptor)
CS7DS2: Optimisation Algorithms for Data Analysis (Module descriptor)
CS7DS3: Applied Statistical Modelling (Module descriptor)
CS7DS4: Data Visualisation (Module descriptor)
CS7GV1: Computer Vision (Module descriptor)
CS7GV2: Mathematics of Light and Sound (Module descriptor)
CS7GV3: Real-time Rendering (Module descriptor)
CS7GV4: Augmented Reality (Module descriptor)
CS7GV5: Real-time Animation (Module descriptor)
CS7GV6: Computer Graphics (Module descriptor)
CS7IS1: Knowledge and Data Engineering (Module descriptor)
CS7IS2: Artificial Intelligence (Module descriptor)
CS7IS3: Information Retrieval and Web Search (Module descriptor)
CS7IS4: Text Analytics (Module descriptor)
CS7IS5: Adaptive Applications (Module descriptor)
CS7NS1: Scalable Computing (Module descriptor)
CS7NS2: Internet of Things (Module descriptor)
CS7NS3: Next Generation Networks (Module descriptor)
CS7NS4: Urban Computing (Module descriptor)
CS7NS5: Security and Privacy (Module descriptor)
CS7NS6: Distributed System (Module descriptor)