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Computer Science Programme


Trinity Computer Science students can study for an Honors Bachelor's degree (BA (Mod) Computer Science) over four years and have the option to study for a fifth year leading to a Master in Computer Science (MCS) degree. The first three years of the programme are the same for all students. The choice to study for the Honors Bachelor's degree or the Master's degree is made at the end of the third year of the programme.

Our approach is to teach you the theory and practice of the development of computer systems, exposing you to the whole range of computing technology from hardware to software, from telecoms to social networking.

Years 1, 2 & 3

The first two years (called Junior Freshman and Senior Freshman in Trinity) are the foundation of the course. You will study topics in mathematics, programming, microprocessors, digital logic, telecommunications, information management, electronics and the role of computers in society.

In your third year (called Junior Sophister in Trinity) you will begin to encounter topics at a more advanced level. You will also be able to begin to specialise in areas of interest to you through the selection of elective modules.

The programme places a strong emphasis on developing practical skills and you will have extensive opportunities to work on design and development projects both individually and in teams with fellow students.

At the end of third year, you will elect to enter fourth year with the intention of graduating with a BA (Mod) in Computer Science at the end of fourth year, or to pursue two more years of study, with the intention of graduating with the degree of Master in Computer Science.

BA (Mod) Computer Science – 4 years

In fourth year, with all the basic principles at your command, you will get an opportunity to study a range of more advanced topics. Most of the topics are taught by active researchers, so the selection can vary from year to year. At present, topics include Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Fuzzy Logic and more.

You will also undertake a significant final year project. This project is an opportunity for you to pull together all you have learnt during the course to develop a new piece of knowledge; be it a new program, a new piece of hardware, a state of the art review or a new way of looking at things. The project is, in many respects, the culmination of your studies, and it should allow you to deploy and display your skills and virtuosity as you come to the end of the course.

Master in Computer Science (MCS) – 5 years


Accenture, Deloitte, SAP, Google, Cisco, DemonWare, Microsoft, Murex, MasterCard, SIG, Arris, CNGL, Intel, Creme, ETU, NewBay, First Derivatives, Curam, Havok, Vigill, KDEG, IBM, Bloomberg, Symantec, Facebook, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, ezetop, Ericsson
more ...

If you opt for the Master's degree over five years you will undertake an internship in your fourth year. We have developed relationships with leading technology companies to ensure that the internship experience is both challenging and rewarding.

In the fourth year of your Master's degree, you will also study a range of more advanced topics. Most of the topics are taught by active researchers, so the selection can vary somewhat from year to year.

In fifth year, following your internship, you will deepen your specialisation and undertake a substantial research dissertation. Students graduating with the MCS degree will also graduate with the BA (Mod) in Computer Science degree.

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