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Computer Science and Language (CSL)

Interesting Links

YouTube video of a 2008 GoogleTech talk by Vera Demberg 'Modeling Human Sentence Processing'

'Dan MitWorld video of a 2007 talk by Chris Manning on 'Machine Learning of Language from Distributional Evidence'

All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad

the All Ireland Linguistics Olympiad is a yearly program organised for Transition-year and 5th-year students in Ireland. This invites students in Ireland with an interest in languages and good analytical skills to put them together, learn about linguistics, and participate in this fun competition, with a view to representing Ireland in the International Linguistics Olympiad. Secondary school students don't typically know what Linguistics is, so they probably don't know if they are interested in it until they try the problems. However, students who like languages, maths, computers, and solving logic problems are most likely to be interested in this competition.

The link is here and it is being organised by the Centre for Next Generation Localisation

Planet Word

The recent BBC series Planet Word , presented by Stephen Fry, explored language "how we learn it, write it and sometimes lose it, and why it defines us"

numbers to 1 to 10 in 500 languages

A site which can show the words for the numbers 1 to 10 in over 5000 different languages, via a world map allows you to navigate through the the numbers 1 to 10 in different languages from around the world

A linguistics timeline

A site giving quite an interesting time-line of significant moments in history relating to linguistics, with an emphasis on writing systems. linguistics time-line

The Word Detective

A site digging into the origins of unusual words and phrases the Word Detective . On the go since 1995, you might look at their index

a YouTube clip of the adventures of GrammarMan

A computing timeline

A site giving a variety of time-lines tracking developments in computing computing time-line

Noam Chomsky

A site giving a time-line for the works of Noam Chomsky


Kartunnen's description of Computational Linguistics

One eminent computational linguist's description of the subject