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BA (Mod) Computer Science and Business

This course is now a Joint Honours programme with CAO code TR188. See Computer Science - Joint Honours for up-to-date information.



This course, formerly known as BA (Mod) Business and Computing, is offered jointly by the School of Computer Science and Statistics and the Trinity Business School.

This joint degree provides its graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in the technical field of computer science and at the same time to understand and apply the fundamentals of markets, organisations and business management. The programme, which is of four years duration, will prepare students for challenging careers in either (or both) computer science and business as well as position them for postgraduate study and research if that is their desire.

In order to obtain an adequate grounding in each discipline, students will be required to complete certain mandatory modules, largely taught in the Freshman (first two) years. The Sophister (third and fourth) years will allow students to choose among various options in Business and Computer science, although there will continue to be minimum requirements in each discipline. Finally, the course organisers will structure the course insofar as practicable, in a manner that allows students to fulfill some of the requirements for professional accreditation, such as exist in accountancy and computer engineering. However, it is expected that further training or examinations will be required to achieve full accreditation.

From a computer science perspective, at the end of the course graduates will be able to design, implement/engineer and evaluate computer-based systems, processes and programs/applications to meet desired objectives and specifications. From a business perspective, at the end of the course graduates will be able to analyse and solve a variety of problems in the private and public sector from a multi-disciplinary knowledge basis of theories in business. Overall at the end of the course graduates will be able to apply their knowledge of computer science, mathematics, business and management, along with their problem solving skills, in new and familiar environments; both within the disciplines of Computer Science and Business and in the wider context of the modern workplace.

Programme Learning Goals
The following programme learning goals exist for the Business School subjects:  
  1. Identify, critically evaluate and synthesise the substantive theories, frameworks and models, both qualitative and quantitative, that are used in fields of enquiry related to business, management and the social sciences
  2. Analyse and solve a variety of problems in the private and public sectors from a multi-disciplinary knowledge basis of theories, tools and techniques in business and the social sciences
  3. Communicate effectively in oral and written modes in professional and academic settings
  4. Apply knowledge and understanding of the social and ethical dimensions of management and research in both the public and private sectors of society and to apply this knowledge effectively in management and research contexts
  5. Work effectively as an individual and in teams
  6. Demonstrate the ability to engage productively with a changing social, cultural and technological environment
  7. Students will be equipped with the tools necessary to pursue knowledge in greater depth and over time, either as a practitioner or an academic


Further Information

Course Directors
Dr Lucy Hederman & Dr Mairead Brady
CAO Course Code
Application information
Available on the Trinity Course website


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