School Seminar Title: Workflows and portals. Cooperative and user-friendly access to Distributed Computer Infrastructures

Speaker: Dr. Gabriele Pierantoni

Date: 2013-11-08, Friday 12pm

Location: LCR

Discipline: Computer Systems



The introduction of Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCIs) has dramatically increased the amount of computational and storage resources available to various scientific communities. While DCI technology allows for a dramatic increase in the amount of accessed resources, two outstanding issues still remain unsolved and are at the centre of active investigation in Computer Science: how to easily access resources and how to share programs and data. The first problem is the focus of the development of portals: gateways that either access generic computational resources or are custom-developed for specific communities. On the other end, workflows allow for a more intuitive description of complicated software and are also increasingly used to jointly develop and execute complicated programs. This talk will describe portals and workflows both from a general perspective and, more specifically, portals and workflows for Heliophysics developed jointly between the School of Computer Science and Statistics and the School of Physics in TCD.

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