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  Mar 14, 2017 From Native 3D to Hybrid 3D Post-production Workflows , Sebastian Knorr, imcube labs
  Mar 10, 2017 Teaching Seminar: Tools for handling Coursework, Vasileios Koutavas and Jonathan Dukes
  Mar 3, 2017 Engineering Human Cooperation: Networks, Cycles, and Money, George Iosifidis, SCSS/TCD
  Jan 27, 2017 MaMaDroid: Detecting Android Malware by Building Markov Chains of Behavioral Models, Emiliano De Cristofaro, University College London
  Jan 19, 2017 Differential Privacy and Secure Multi-Party Computation in Linear Regression, Borja De Balle Pigem, Univ of Lancaster
  Dec 9, 2016 V-SENSE - Extending Visual Sensation through Image-Based Visual Computing, Aljosa Smolic, TCD
  Dec 5, 2016 Ubiquitous User Interfaces, Aaron Quigley, University of St Andrews
  Nov 25, 2016 Semantic Modelling of Contextual Integrity for the General Data Protection Regulation, Dave Lewis, SCSS/TCD
  Nov 22, 2016 Software Defined Networking - the Hype and the Reality, Hugh Holbrook, VP Software Engineering, Arista Networks
  Nov 18, 2016 Latent Space Stochastic Block Model for Social Networks, Brendan Murphy, UCD
  Nov 11, 2016 A new method for estimating spectral clustering change points for multivariate time series, Ivor Cribben, U. Alberta
  Oct 28, 2016 Scalable Gaussian Processes with Kronecker Methods and Random Fourier Features, Seth Flaxman, Oxford
  Oct 21, 2016 Online Optimization of Product-Form Networks and Rydberg Gases, Jaron Sanders, KTH
  Sep 23, 2016 Semantic-based Machine Learning Genetic Programming, Edgar Galvan, INRIA
  Sep 8, 2016 Providing video QoE in a wireless environment, Federico Chiariotti, U. Padua
  Aug 25, 2016 Prediction-Correction Methods for Time-Varying Convex Optimization: theory, algorithms, applications, Andrea Simonetto, UC Louvain
  Aug 12, 2016 Decentralized control of nonlinear networked dynamical systems: from Smart Cities to Systems Biology, Giovanni Russo, IBM Research
  Jul 6, 2016 Towards practical differentially private learning algorithms, Anand Sarwate, Rutgers
  Jun 16, 2016 An Akamai View of Global IPv6 Address Activity, Dave Plonka, Akamai
  Apr 8, 2016 Borrowing information across related studies: a Bayesian nonparametric approach, Bernardo Nipoti, SCSS, Trinity College Dublin
  Mar 21, 2016 Mobile edge-Networking Systems and Data Offloading Markets for 5G Systems, George Iosifidis , Yale University
  Nov 27, 2015 Efficient Broadcasting Area Formation for Cellular Networks., Claudio Casetti, Politecnico di Torino
  Oct 16, 2015 Pervasive urban sensing: paving the way to sustainable mobility, Paolo Santi, MIT Senseable City Lab & CNR
  Oct 9, 2015 Towards practical anonymized analytics with cloaked computing, Paul Francis, Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
  Oct 5, 2015 Offloading Cellular Traffic through Opportunistic Communications: Analysis and Optimization, Albert Banchs, IMDEA Networks/UC3M, Madrid

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