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Saturnino Luz

Research Projects

Current and former Research Associates

Dr Bridget Kane,
Medical Team Meetings, Health Informatics.
Dr Ielka van Der Sluis,
Natural Language Generation, HCI, Interaction Design (CNGL, 2008-2011).
Dr Nikiforos Karamanis,
Machine Translation, HCI, CSCW (CNGL, 2008-2011).

Current research students

Akira Hayakawa
PhD student, working on multimodal, multilingual speech to speech interaction. (Delivery & Interaction, CNGL-2)
Shane Shehan
PhD student, working on visualisation methods for language analytics. (Creation & Curation, CNGL-2)
Fasih Haider
PhD student, working on dialogue systems (METALOGUE Project, FP7, co-supervised by Nick Campbel)
Oscar Cassetti
PhD student, working on Data Mining.
David Murphy
PhD candidate investigating computer-based training systems for surgical decision making. (Co-supervision with Dr Gavin Doherty)

Former supervisees

Anne Schneider (2013)
PhD Thesis title: "Intrinsic and Extrinsic Component Evaluation in Interactive Multilingual Speech Applications" (CNGL CSET, Systems Framework project)
Stephan Schlogl (2012)
PhD thesis title: "Supporting Wizard of Oz Experimentation for Language Technology Applications" (CNGL CSET, Systems Framework project)
Su Jing
PhD in Computer Science (Nov 2011). Title: "An Analysis of Content-free Dialogue Representation, Supervised Classification Methods and Evaluation Metrics for Meeting Topic Segmentation"
Michael Davy
PhD in Computer Science (February 2009). Title: "Active Learning Query Selection with Historical Information"
Daniel Kelleher
PhD in Computer Science (June 2008). Title: "Identifying and Interpreting Context on the Web: An Application-driven Approach"
Bridget Kane
PhD in Computer Science (May 2008). Title: "An Analysis of the Dynamics of Multi-Disciplinary Medical Team Meetings and the Use of Communication Technology"
Deirdre Hogan
PhD in Computer Science (March 2007). Dissertation title: "On Coordination Disambiguation in a Generative Parsing Model, with Memory-Based Techniques for Parameter Estimation"
Matt-Mouley Bouamrane
PhD Computer Science (February 2007). Dissertation title: "Interaction-based Information Retrieval in Artefact-Producing, Multimodal, Online Meeting Recordings"
Marcus Furlong
MSc (by research) in Computer Science (August 2009). Dissertation title: "An analysis of text classification techniques for determining source language of translated texts using the European Parliament Proceedings Parallel Corpus"
Peter Byrne
MSc in Networks and Distributed Systems (2004). Dissertation title: "Awareness Mechanisms in Groupware Systems".
Bridget Kane
MSc in Health Informatics (2003). Dissertation title: "Computer Support for Collaborative Work in Lung Cancer Diagnosis: an ethnographic study and critical assessment".
Michael Roche
MSc student (by research) who worked on optimisation algorithms for the (NP-complete) problem of protein folding in the hydrophobic-hydrophilic (HP) model.

See also list of supervised publications

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