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Saturnino Luz

Research Projects


Software created in connection with research projects (most of which still under development):
CSCW and information retrieval tools:
including a RECOLED real-time collaborative text editor with history recording capabilities; RECPLAJ, a "pure-Java", GNU Classpath-compatible implementation of a RTP packet recorder/player for multicast meetings; REXPLOR, libraries for information retrieval and visualisation of audio/text histories; HANMER a browser for multimedia meeting recordings for PDAs; etc
Refs.: (Luz and Masoodian, 2005; Bouamrane, King Luz and Masoodian, 2004; Luz and Masoodian, 2004; Luz, 2002). See also the project web site.
A modular API and suite of natural language processing tools. The modnlp toolkit currently consists of tools for Internet-based corpus analysis developed as part of the Translational English Project, and tools for text categorisation . The text categorisation API includes implementations for various text handlers (including a parser for REUTERS-21578 news files), feature selection algorithms, Bayesian classifiers, and evaluation utilities.
  • S. Luz. A software toolkit for sharing and accessing corpora over the Internet. In M. Gavrilidou, G. Carayannis, S. Markantonatou, S. Piperidis, and G. Stainhauer, editors, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation: LREC-2000, pages 1749-1754, May 2000.
    [ bib | .pdf ]
  • See also (Luz and Baker, 2001), and the project web site.
a system for simple, unobtrusive web site annotation.
Refs.: (Luz 2001). See also the project web site.
Protein folding:
approximation algorithms and agent-based (ACO) optimisation for modelling protein folding in HP lattices.
Refs.:(coming soon...)

Other Software

General "utilities" which might perhaps be of some use for someone:
A front-end to various machine translation engines, for Emacs users
Refs.: The latest (and probably last) release: gnutran-0.5.0.tar.gz.
The Perl script used for creating the 'uniform' "look-and-feel" of this site. (The sort of thing you used to need in the days before PhP and co.)
Refs.: The man page, and its latest release: UPDATEwww-0.5.2.tar.gz

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