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Research projects

CNGL/CSET: Systems Framework and Integrated Language Technologies
The Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL) is a Centre for Science, Engineering & Technology (CSET) funded by SFI to carry out the fundamental and applied research underpinning the design, development, implementation and evaluation of the new localisation technologies. It will address the issues of volume of data, information access, and personalisation. I coordinate the Systems Framework research track and act as principal investigator in the areas of Interaction Design and Automatic Annotation and Labelling of Natural Language Texts.
Collaborators: Gavin Doherty (Interaction Design/HCI), Martin Emms (NLP), Nikiforos Karamanis (Interaction Design/HCI), Ielka van der Sluis (Interaction Design/HCI) and Carl Vogel (NLP).
Funding: Science Foundation Ireland (Dec/2007-Dec/2012)
ECOMMET: Enhanced Computing Support for Multidisciplinary Medical Team Meetings
Multidisciplinary medical team meetings have become an established practice in many hospitals. Teams of experts routinely come together to discuss cases and patient management decisions. Such discussions generate a wealth of information that is not captured in traditional medical records. Although recent technological and organisational developments have made digital recording of entire meetings a distinct possibility, the usefulness of this kind of audiovisual database is dependent on how effectively its contents can be accessed. This project investigates human and technological issues involved in building advanced computing support for collaboration, production and access of electronic medical records in those contexts.
Collaborators: Su Jing, Bridget Kane, Dr. Lucy Hederman, Prof. Donal Hollywood, Dr Finbarr O'Connell and Agnella Craig.
Funding: Science Foundation Ireland (Sept/2006-Sept/2009)
Temporal and Contextual Data Visualisation for Collaborative Meeting Memories
The goal of this project is to develop and evaluate basic techniques to support visualisation and retrieval of information from records of collaborative multimodal interaction. The project aims to develop techniques to be used in a large variety of organisational memory devices to support computer-mediated human interaction. This research builds on a theoretical framework for data visualisation and retrieval based on pattern discovery which encompasses elements of artificial intelligence and human computer interface research. Extensive empirical evaluation and incremental prototyping has been used in order to test techniques and assess the validity of our theoretical assumptions.
Collaborators: Matt-Mouley Bouamrane and Masood Masoodian.
Publications: Bouamrane and Luz (2007); Bouamrane and LUz (2007a); Luz and Bouamrane (2006) Luz and Masoodian (2005); Bouamrane, King Luz and Masoodian (2004); Luz and Masoodian (2004)
Funding: Enterprise Ireland (Basic Research Grant., 2003-2006)
ECPC: The European Parliamentary Comparable and Parallel Corpora.
The goals of this project is to gather and study parallel corpora of national parliaments in a number of countries and the European Parliament. See the ECPC project website for more details.
Collaborators: María Calzada Pérez, Mona Baker, Dorothy Kenny, Gabriela Saldanha and others.
Publications: Calzada-Pérez and Luz (2006)
Funding: Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (HUM2005-03756/FILO, 2007-2008)
Groupware in Multidisciplinary Team Meetings
This project aims to provide an in-depth an analysis of the impact of collaborative technologies in clinical pathology conferences.
Collaborators: Bridget Kane, and the Academic Unit of Clinical and Molecular Oncology at TCD.
Publications: Kane, Luz, O'Briain and Ronan McDermott (2007); Kane and Luz (2006); Kane, Luz, Menezes and Hollywood (2005); Kane and Luz (2004)
Funding: IRCSS (2003-2006).
Machine learning methods in seaweed research.
Work in progress...
Collaborators: Theodora Lola-Luz, Agrifood Scientific.
Publications: Work in progress. See the Seaweed resources page and for details.
Funding: 0.

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