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M.Sc. Theses


Moore, Colm Daniel (2006)
"Human Working Memory In A Computer Environment"
(Supervised by: Redmond, Tony)
Patten, Bryan (2006)
"A C4 Toolkit For The Teaching And Learning Of Concurrency"
(Supervised by: Tangney, Brendan)
Van roode, Ryan (2006)
"Aspectsql: Aspect Oriented Separation Of Concerns In Relational Databases"
(Supervised by: Clarke, Siobhán)


Alvaro, Guillermo (2005)
"Implementation And Evaluation Of Xkms Interoperability"
(Supervised by: Cahill, Vincent)
Bannister, Richard (2005)
"Fpga Implementation Of Image Segmentation Using Logarithmic Arithmetic"
(Supervised by: Gregg, David)
Dusparic, Ivana (2005) PDF
"Pervasive Application Rights Management Architecture"
(Supervised by: Dowling, Jim)
Jennings, Audrey (2005) PDF
"Implementing An Integrated Web Based Synchronous Elearning Collaboration At Tertiary Level For Part Time Mature Evening Students"
(Supervised by: Mullally, Alan)
Power, Gordon (2005)
"Providing A Mechanism For Visualising, Monitoring And Analysing Clinical Practice Guidelines Enacted In Workflow Systems"
(Supervised by: Wade, Vincent)
Sarno, Mario Adrian (2005)
"A Web Based Architecture For Adaptable User Interfaces"
(Supervised by: Redmond, Tony)


Fahy, Patrick (2004)
"Cass: Context Awareness Support Service"
(Supervised by: Clarke, Siobhán)


Fagan, Michael John (2003)
"Anticipating The Player's Intentions: A Case Based Plan Recognition Framework For Space Invaders"
(Supervised by: Cunningham, Padraig)
Flynn, Juan (2003)
"Jemu: A Wireless Network Emulator For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks"
(Supervised by: Tewari, Hitesh)
Greede, Abdolbast (2003)
"Service Driven Bluetooth Networks"
(Supervised by: O'Mahony, Donal)
Little, Colin (2003)
"Parameters Of Quotation And Self Reference: Formal Aspects Of Designation And Self Reference In The Context Of Combinatory Logic"
(Supervised by: Gibbons, Hugh)
Mooney, Robert (2003)
"The Construction Of A Volumetric Cardiac Model For Real Time Ecg Simulation"
(Supervised by: O'Sullivan, Carol)


Ennis, Darach (2002)
"Corba & Xml Integration For Enterprise Applications"
(Supervised by: Cahill, Vincent)
Greenane, Richard (2002)
"Managing Interactions In Smart Environments"
(Supervised by: Clarke, Siobhán)
Savage, Timothy (2002)
"Using Advances In Network Technology To Support The Desegregation Of Distance And Face To Face Students"
(Supervised by: Holmes, Bryn)


Doyle, Michelle (2001)
"An Incremental Cbr Tool For The Internet"
(Supervised by: Cunningham, Padraig)
Fuller, John (2001)
"A Framework For Corba Component Integration & Invocation In A Workflow Environment"
(Supervised by: Wade, Vincent)


Barnstedt, Erich (2000)
"Fault Tolerance In Video On Demand Server Clusters"
(Supervised by: Jones, Jeremy)
Cunningham, Donal (2000)
"Adapt: Authorised Distributed Architecture For Pay Per View Television"
(Supervised by: O'Mahony, Donal)
Hayes, Richard (2000)
"The Sam Loyd Puzzle & Assorted Problems: An Investigation Of Updateable Arrays In Functional Programming"
(Supervised by: Gibbons, Hugh)
Lyng, Mary (2000)
"Experience Improving Www Based Courseware Through Evaluating User Satisfaction"
(Supervised by: Wade, Vincent)
McKeown, John (2000)
"Generating Web Content Dynamically Using Document Templates"
(Supervised by: Grimson, Jane)
Nolan, Andrew (2000)
"System Integration & Management In A Workflow Based Telecoms Environment"
(Supervised by: Wade, Vincent)
Roberts, Paula Lucia (2000)
"Scaffolding The Case Study Method Using New Media"
(Supervised by: Mullally, Alan)
Stanley, Karl (2000)
"Colour MacHine Vision In Component Placement Inspection"
(Supervised by: Shevlin, Fergal)


Crowley, Daniel (1999)
"Dvrml: Extending Vrml For Multi User Virtual Reality"
(Supervised by: Cahill, Vincent)
Gray, Nick (1999)
"Computer Simulation Of Visual Effects Of Building Decay"
(Supervised by: Neelamkavil, Francis)
Lawless, Deirdre (1999)
"Legacy Information Systems Migration: A Methodology & Its Trial Implementation"
(Supervised by: Grimson, Jane)
McGrath, Robert (1999)
"Multiresolution Analysis To Improve Image Segmentation For An Industrial Application"
(Supervised by: Lacey, Gerard)
McKenna, P.j. (1999)
"Prospero & Caliban: Working Applications From Er Models"
(Supervised by: McGinnes, Simon)
Muldowney, Sinead (1999)
"Representing, Scheduling & Monitoring Management Processes Within A Workflow Environment"
(Supervised by: Wade, Vincent)
Pearce, Ronan (1999)
"An Incremental Learning Approach To Automated Pattern Matching In The Absence Of Training Data"
(Supervised by: Cunningham, Padraig)
Power, Conor John (1999)
"Design, Development & Delivery Of Educational Courses Using Telecommunications Technology"
(Supervised by: Wade, Vincent)