TCD-CS-93-33... McHugh, C. & Cahill, V..

Interfacing a Language to the Comandos Virtual Machine.

December 1993.

CoIm McHugh and Vinny Cahill
Distributed Systems Group, Department of Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Phone: +353 1 6081795
Fax: +353 I 6772204
Email: {Colm.McHugh ,Vinny.Cahill}


This report describes the implementation of Eiffel**, the extended version of the Eiffel programming language supported by Amadeus. This report is published as Chapter 11. of Thc Comandos Distributed Application Platform Cahill, V., Balter, R., Harris, N. and Rousset de Pina, X. (Eds.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1993.

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