TCD-CS-93-21 Cunningham P. Slattery S. & Finn D.

Knowledge Engineering Requirements in Derivational Analogy

September 1993.

Pádraig Cunningham and Seán Slattery, Dept. of Computer Science, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland.
Donal Finn, Hitachi Dublin Laboratory, O'Reilly Institue, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland.


A major advantage in using a case-based approach to developing knowledge-based systems is that it can be applied to problems where a strong domain theory may be difficult to determine. However the development of case-based reasoning (CBR) systems that set out to support a sophisticated case adaption process does require a strong domain model. The Derivational Analogy (DA) approach to CBR is a case in point. In DA the case representation contains a trace of the reasoning process involved in producing the solution for that case. In the adaption process this reasoning trace is reinstantiated in the context of the new target case; this requires a strong domain model. In this paper we analyse this issue using as an example a CBR system called CoBRA that assists with the modelling tasks in numerical simulation. We conclude that CBR systems for more innovative tasks should focus on interactive adaptation.
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