TCD-CS-93-16 Nangle, B. & Keane, M. T.

Effective Retrieval in Hospital Information Systems.

September 1993.


With the development of large-scale storage of records in Hospital Information Systems we are faced with new challenges in accessing and retrieving information in a flexible and efficient manner. In this paper, we argue that adequate information retrieval in such systems will have to rely on the exploitation of the conceptual knowledge in those records rather than superficial string searches. However, this course of action is dependent on the development of natural language processing techniques and on retrieval systems that can exploit semantic/conceptual knowledge.

We present a retrieval system, which attempts to realise the latter of these developments. This system, called CONIR* operates in the domain of patient Discharge Summaries on coronary illness. CONIR uses flexible retrieval techniques over a database of records that are represented in a deep conceptual fashion. In the course of the paper we outline the sorts of knowledge structures that are required to do this type of retrieval and indicate how they are constructed. This system, called CONIR, has been developed as part of the EC-Funded AIM initiative.


Patient Discharge Summaries, Coronary Illness, Hospital Information Systems, Knowledge Representation, Conceptual Graphs, Temporal Discourse Structure, Conceptual Context Description, Information Retrieval.
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