TCD-CS-93-02 O'Neill, P., Dawson, K. & Vernon, D..

An Optical Hand Pose Tracking System

January 1993.

Paul O'Neill, Kenneth Dawson and David Vernon
Department of Computer Science,
University of Dublin Trinity Science
Dublin 2, Ireland.


The computer-mediated manipulation of graphic objects and remote physical objects (tele-operation) depends upon a reliable system for the determination of hand pose (position and orientation). This paper details the design, implementation and evaluation of a novel hand pose tracking system based upon stereo computer vision techniques. The pose of the hand is not computed directly. Instead, it is recovered from the hand pose of a specially-marked cylindrical wrist bracelet worn by the user. The tracking system has been implemented on a network of two T800 transputer-framestores. It has a mean pose update rate of 9.2Hz and a mean lag time of 217ms.
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