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 OpenCV information
 Lecture notes
 Application Problems
 1. Baby Food
 2. Glue
 3. O-Rings
 4. Staying in Lane
 5. Notices
 6. Mailboxes
 7. Object abandonment
 8. Surveillance
 9. Traffic Lights
 10. Face Tracking
 11. Playing Pool
 12. Windows
 13. Doors
 14. Clocks
 15. Augmenting Books
 16. Part Recognition
 17. Road Signs
 18. Licence Plates
 19. Bicycles
 20. Painting Recognition

Application Problems.

Chapter 10 of the book presents a number of different application problems and this page provides the images and videos to allow students to tackle these problems. Please take note of the copyright notice at the end of this page.

1. Counting spoons in cans of baby food. ZIP file (2 MB) containing 3 sample images and 18 test images.

2. Checking labels on bottle of glue. ZIP file (412 KB) containing 6 images each with five bottles of glue shown. Please note that these labels have been manually damaged and hence are not what you would expect to find in the shops.

3. Inspecting O-rings. ZIP file (493 KB) containing 15 images images of O-rings some of which are perfect, some of which have notches missing and some of which are broken.

4. Staying in Lane. A video file (653 KB) which is 12 seconds long (640x180, 30fps) taken from the dashboard of a vehicle moving forwards. Other datasets: PETS 2001 dataset 5, CamVid, Daimler.

5. Reading notices. ZIP file (982 KB) containing 8 images where a notice (or notices) take up most of each image. Other datasets: ICDAR 2003/2005, ICDAR 2011 Robust Reading Competition.

Mailboxes. A video file (982 KB) which is 63 seconds long (224x380, 1fps) taken of a set of mailboxes where a person is putting in and removing mail.

7. ZIP file (53 MB) containing 2 videos (28s and 27s, 640x360, 25fps) each showing an object being abandoned and later removed. Other datasets: CAVIAR, ViSOR, PETS 2006, PETS 2007.
There are many surveillance datasets provided online. One of the most frequently used datasets in the PETS 2001 dataset.. The image on the left is © Reproduced by permission of Dr. James Ferryman, University of Reading. Other datasets: CAVIAR, ViSOR, PETS, SPEVI, ETISEO, OTCBVS, LIMU, Wang, Stuttgart.

9. ZIP file (79.5 MB) containing a single video (73s, 639x363, 25fps) showing a traffic junction from a static camera with regularly changing traffic lights. Other datasets: CamVid, Daimler.

10. ZIP file (79.5 MB) containing a single video (8s, 640x480, 25fps) showing a person moving in front a computer screen (from a static camera mounted on the screen). Other datasets: BMP.

11. ZIP file (29 MB) containing a single video (38s, 546x284, 25fps) showing part of a game of pool taken by a static camera above the table.

12. Open Windows. ZIP file (982 KB) containing 5 images each of a group of 6 top-hung windows in different states (open/closed).

13. ZIP file (145 MB) containing two low resolution videos (22s & 21s, 284x465, 25fps) and two high resolution videos (24s & 22s, 720x1280, 25fps) each from a static camera showing a door being opened and closed twice (with a person leaving and entering the scene through the door in each video).

14. ZIP file (1.9 MB) containing 11 images of different analogue clocks.

15. ZIP file (24.9 MB) containing 13 sample scanned pages from a booklet and 50 images of the open booklet on a desk.

16. ZIP file (659 KB) containing 4 images of a number of nuts, bolts and washers.

17. ZIP file (4.7 MB) containing 9 sample (CAD) road sign images, 3 composite road sign images and 7 images taken from vehicles. Other datasets: Linkoping, Gao.

18. ZIP file (2.2 MB) containing 10 synthetic sample licence plate numbers, 10 real example licence plate numbers, 6 general licence plate images and 1 composite licence plate image. Other datasets: Medialab, Zemris.

19. ZIP file (19 MB) containing a single video (75s, 297x192, 30fps) showing a cyclist on a sunny day against a background of sea and clouds.

20. ZIP file (2.2 MB) containing 6 known painting images and 4 gallery images. Photograph (on the left) taken by Kenneth Dawson-Howe in the National Gallery of Ireland.

Copyright © 2023 Wiley & Kenneth Dawson-Howe. The rights to the materials presented here are held by Wiley and/or Kenneth Dawson-Howe. All rights reserved with the following exceptions:

  • Permission is granted to make use of the images and videos hosted under this folder for teaching purposes subject to the textbook ("A Practical Introduction to Computer Vision with OpenCV3" by Kenneth Dawson-Howe, Wiley 2014.) being included as a recommended text.
  • Permission is granted to make use of the images and videos hosted under this folder for research purposes subject to the textbook ("A Practical Introduction to Computer Vision with OpenCV3" by Kenneth Dawson-Howe, Wiley 2014.) being referenced in all publications produced using this data.
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