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Year Authors Title
  2018 Mimi Zhang and Tim Bedford Vine Copula Approximation: A Generic Method for Coping with Conditional Dependence Statistics and Computing, 28(1), pp219-237
  2017 Mimi Zhang and Min Xie An Ameliorated Improvement Factor Model for Imperfect Maintenance and Its Goodness of Fit Technometrics, 59 (2), pp237-246
  2017 Mimi Zhang and Matthew Revie Continuous-Observation Partially Observable Semi-Markov Decision Processes for Machine Maintenance IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 66 (1), pp202-218
  2015 Mimi Zhang, Olivier Gaudoin and Min Xie Degradation-Based Maintenance Using Stochastic Filtering for Systems under Imperfect Maintenance European Journal of Operational Research, 245 (2), pp531-541
  2014 Mimi Zhang, Qingpei Hu, Min Xie and Dan Yu Lower Confidence Limit for Reliability Based on Grouped Data with a Quantile Filling Algorithm Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 75, pp96-111
  2014 Mimi Zhang, Zhisheng Ye and Min Xie A Stochastic EM Algorithm for Progressively Censored Data Analysis Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 30 (5), pp711-722
  2014 Mimi Zhang, Zhisheng Ye and Min Xie A Condition-Based Maintenance Strategy for Heterogeneous Populations Computers & Industrial Engineering, 77, pp103-114
  2013 Mimi Zhang, Min Xie and Olivier Gaudoin A Bivariate Maintenance Policy for Multi-State Repairable Systems with Monotone Process IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 62 (4), pp876-886

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