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Year Authors Title
  2019 Mimi Zhang Forward-Stagewise Clustering: An Algorithm for Convex Clustering Pattern Recognition Letters
  2019 Mimi Zhang Weighted Clustering Ensemble: A Review Pattern Recognition
  2019 Mimi Zhang The Restless Bandits Problem with Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes IISE Transactions
  2019 Mimi Zhang Multivariate Modeling as Supervised Learning: the Pair Copula Construction Approach Computational Statistics and Data Analysis
  2019 Mimi Zhang, Matthew Revie and John Quigley The Generalized Inverse Gaussian Levy Process Statistica Sinica
  2018 Mimi Zhang and Tim Bedford Vine Copula Approximation: A Generic Method for Coping with Conditional Dependence Statistics and Computing, 28(1), pp219-237
  2017 Mimi Zhang and Min Xie An Ameliorated Improvement Factor Model for Imperfect Maintenance and Its Goodness of Fit Technometrics, 59 (2), pp237-246
  2017 Mimi Zhang and Matthew Revie Continuous-Observation Partially Observable Semi-Markov Decision Processes for Machine Maintenance IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 66 (1), pp202-218
  2016 Mimi Zhang and Matthew Revie Model selection with application to gamma process and inverse Gaussian process European Safety and Reliability Conference 2016
  2015 Mimi Zhang, Olivier Gaudoin and Min Xie Degradation-Based Maintenance Using Stochastic Filtering for Systems under Imperfect Maintenance European Journal of Operational Research, 245 (2), pp531-541
  2014 Mimi Zhang, Qingpei Hu, Min Xie and Dan Yu Lower Confidence Limit for Reliability Based on Grouped Data with a Quantile Filling Algorithm Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 75, pp96-111
  2014 Mimi Zhang, Zhisheng Ye and Min Xie A Stochastic EM Algorithm for Progressively Censored Data Analysis Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 30 (5), pp711-722
  2014 Mimi Zhang, Zhisheng Ye and Min Xie A Condition-Based Maintenance Strategy for Heterogeneous Populations Computers & Industrial Engineering, 77, pp103-114
  2013 Mimi Zhang, Min Xie and Olivier Gaudoin A Bivariate Maintenance Policy for Multi-State Repairable Systems with Monotone Process IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 62 (4), pp876-886

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