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Year Authors Title
  2017 Alfredo Maldonado, Lifeng Han, Erwan Moreau, Ashjan Alsulaimani, Koel Dutta Chowdhury, Carl Vogel and Qun Liu Detection of Verbal Multi-Word Expressions via Conditional Random Fields with Syntactic Dependency Features and Semantic Re-Ranking Proceedings of the 13th Workshop on Multiword Expressions (MWE 2017), pp114-120
  2017 Milena Ribeiro Lopes and Carl Vogel Gender Bias on Tinder: Transforming an Exploratory Qualitative Survey into Statistical Data for Contextualized Interpretation Computer Supported Qualitative Research: Second International Symposium on Qualitative Research (ISQR 2017), pp225-236. DOI: http:/
  2017 Milena Ribeiro Lopes and Carl Vogel Women's Perspective on Using Tinder: A User Study of Gender Dynamics in a Mobile Device Application SIGDOC '17 Proceedings of the 35th ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication , pp10 pages. DOI:
  2017 Justine Reverdy and Carl Vogel Measuring Synchrony in Task-based Dialogues Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (INTERSPEECH2017), pp1701-1705. DOI:
  2017 Fasih Haider, Fahim A. Salim, Saturnino Luz, Carl Vogel, Owen Conlan and Nick Campbell Visual, Laughter, Applause and Spoken Expression Features for Predicting Engagement Within TED Talks Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (INTERSPEECH2017), pp2381-2385. DOI:
  2017 Hayakawa Akira, Carl Vogel, Saturnino Luz and Nick Campbell Speech Rate Comparison When Talking to a System and Talking to a Human: A Study from a Speech-to-Speech, Machine Translation Mediated Map Task Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (INTERSPEECH2017), pp3286-3290. DOI:
  2017 Maria Koutsombogera, Carl Vogel The MULTISIMO multimodal corpus of collaborative interactions 19th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI 2017), pp502-503
  2017 Daria Dzendzik. Alberto Poncelas, Carl Vogel, Qun Liu ADAPT Centre Cone Team at IJCNLP-2017 Task 5: A Similarity-Based Logistic Regression Approach to Multi-choice Question Answering in an Examinations Shared Task Proceedings of the 8th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing, Shared Tasks, pp67-72
  2017 David Woods, Tim Fernando, Carl Vogel Towards efficient string processing of annotated events Proceedings of the 13th Joint ISO-ACL Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation (ISA-13), pp124-133
  2017 Emer Gilmartin, Benjamin R. Cowan,Carl Vogel, Nick Campbell Exploring Multiparty Casual Talk for Social Human-Machine Dialogue International Conference on Speech and Computer (SPECOM2017), 10458, pp370-378. DOI:
  2016 Claire Hewson, Carl Vogel and Dianna Laurent Internet Research Methods , pp222+viiii
  2016 Carl Vogel Communication Sequences and Survival Analysis Towards Robotic Socially Believable Behaving Systems -- Volume II, pp47-59. DOI: http:/
  2016 Carl Vogel Quantifying mutual understanding 49th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea, pp295-297
  2016 Derek Kelleher, Tim Fernando and Carl Vogel Between the Event Calculus and Finite State Temporality Formal Grammar, pp112-129. DOI: http:/
  2015 Carl Vogel Some Puzzles of Politeness and Impoliteness within a Formal Semantics of Offensive Language Conflict and Multimodal Communication: Social Research and Machine Intelligence, pp223-241. DOI:
  2015 Liliana Mamani Sanchez and Carl Vogel A Hedging Annotation Scheme Focused on Epistemic Phrases for Informal Language Proceedings of the IWCS Workshop on Models for Modality Annotation, MOMA 2015, pp9-18
  2015 Francesca Bonin, Nick Campbell and Carl Vogel The discourse value of social signals at topic change moments Proceedings of the 16th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association (INTERSPEECH 2015), pp1967-1971
  2015 Derek Kelleher, Tim Fernando and Carl Vogel Between the Event Calculus and Finite State Temporality Proceedings of the 20th Conference on Formal Grammar, pp107-121
  2015 Erwan Moreau, Arun Jayapal, Gerard Lynch, and Carl Vogel Author verification: basic stacked generalization applied to predictions from a set of heterogeneous learners PAN/CLEF Evaluation Lab 2015
  2015 Carmen Klaussner and Carl Vogel Stylochronometry: Timeline Prediction in Stylometric Analysis Research and Development in Intelligent Systems XXXII, pp91-106. DOI:
  2015 Anna Esposito and Antonietta M. Esposito and Carl Vogel Needs and Challenges in Human Computer Interaction for Processing Social Emotional Information Pattern Recognition Letters, 66, pp41-51. DOI:
  2015 Derek Kelleher, Tim Fernando and Carl Vogel Temporal Forces and Type Coercion in Strings Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Finite-State Methods and Natural Language Processing 2015 (FSMNLP 2015), pp43-52
  2015 Emer Gilmartin, Carl Vogel, Nick Campbell Disfluency in Multiparty Social Talk Disfluency in Spontaneous Speech 2015
  2015 Emer Gilmartin, Francesca Bonin, Loredana Cerrato, Carl Vogel, Nick Campbell What's the Game and Who's Got the Ball? Genre in Spoken Interaction Turn-Taking and Coordination in Human-Machine Interaction: Papers from the 2015 AAAI Spring Symposium, pp91-95
  2014 Carl Vogel Intended and Unintended Offence Recent Advances of Neural Network Models and Applications, pp395-404. DOI:
  2014 Francesca Bonin, Carl Vogel and Nick Campbell Social sequence analysis: temporal sequences in interactional conversations 5th IEEE Conference on Cognitive Infocommunications (CogInfoCom), pp403-406. DOI:
  2014 Bonin, Francesca, Emer Gilmartin, Carl Vogel and Nick Campbell Topics for the Future: Genre Differentiation, Annotation, and Linguistic Content Integration in Interaction Analysis RFMIR '14: Proceedings of the 2014 Workshop on Roadmapping the Future of Multimodal Interaction Research Including Business Opportunities and Challenges, pp5-8. DOI:
  2014 Bonin, Francesca, Nick Campbell and Carl Vogel Time for laughter Knowledge-Based Systems, 71, pp15-24. DOI:
  2014 Carl Vogel Taboo Semantics 5th IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Infocommunications, pp225-230. DOI:
  2014 Moreau, Erwan, Arun Jayapal and Carl Vogel Author Verification: Exploring a Large set of Parameters using a Genetic Algorithm - Notebook for PAN at CLEF 2014 CLEF 2014, PAN 2014 11th evaluation lab on uncovering plagiarism, authorship, and social software misuse, pp1092--1103
  2014 Carl Vogel Anonymous FreeSpeech The 9th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference. Workshop -- DIMPLE:DIsaster Management and Principled Large-scale information Extraction for and post emergency Logistics , pp26-31
  2014 Moreau, Erwan and Vogel, Carl Limitations of MT Quality Estimation Supervised Systems: The Tails Prediction Problem Proceedings of COLING 2014, the 25th International Conference on Computational Linguistics: Technical Papers, pp2205-2216
  2014 Carmen Klaussner, Gerard Lynch and Carl Vogel Following the Trail of Source Languages in Literary Translations Research and Development in Intelligent Systems XXXI, pp69-84. DOI: http:/
  2014 Stephanie Steinmetz, Ana Slavec, Kea Tijdens, Ulf-Dietrich Reips, Pablo de Pedraza, Alina Popescu, Ana Belchior, Andreas Birg... WEBDATANET: Innovation and Quality in Web-Based Data Collection International Journal of Internet Science , 9(1), pp64-71
  2014 Carl Vogel Denoting Offence Cognitive Computation, 6(4), pp628-639. DOI:
  2014 Hewson, Claire and Dianna Laurent and Carl Vogel Proper Methodologies for Psychological and Sociological Experiments Administered via Internet Researching Society Online, Volume I: The Social Context of Online Research, pp105-115. DOI:
  2013 Gilmartin, Emer and Francesca Bonin and Carl Vogel and Nick Campbell Laugher and Topic Transition in Multiparty Conversation Proceedings of the SIGDIAL 2013 Conference, pp304-308
  2013 Erwan Moreau and Carl Vogel Weakly supervised approaches for quality estimation Machine Translation, 27(3), pp257-280. DOI:
  2013 Gilmartin, Emer and Francesca Bonin and Carl Vogel and Nick Campbell Exploring the Role of Laughter in Multiparty Conversation DialDam: Proceedings of the 17th Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue (SEMDIAL2013), pp191-193
  2013 Liliana Mamani Sanchez and Carl Vogel Emoticons Signal Expertise in Technical Web Forums Neural Nets and Surroundings, pp415-425. DOI:
  2013 Kelleher, Derek and Carl Vogel Finite State Temporality and Context-Free Languages 10th International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS 2013), pp335--339
  2013 Carl Vogel Attribution of Mutual Understanding Journal of Law and Policy, 21(2), pp377-420
  2013 Francesca Bonin, Celine De Looze, Sucheta Ghosh, Emer Gilmartin, Carl Vogel, Anna Polychroniou, Hugues Salamin, Alessandro Vi... Investigating fine temporal dynamics of prosodic and lexical accommodation 14th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, pp539-543
  2013 Carmel M. Martin, Carl Vogel, Lucy Hederman, Kevin Smith, Atieh Zarabzadeh, Deirdre Grady, and Jing Su Avoidable Hospitalizations in Older Adults: Applying Complexity Science Principles and Machine Learning Approaches Handbook of Systems and Complexity in Health, pp445-465. DOI:
  2013 Carl Vogel Multimodal Conformity of Expression between Blog Names and Content 4th IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Infocommunications, pp23-28. DOI:
  2013 Baoli Li and Carl Vogel ECOC Classification with Sub-Class Partition Information ICIC Express Letters, Part B: Applications, 4(5), pp1443-1449
  2013 Carl Vogel, Ger Lynch, Erwan Moreau, Liliana Mamani Sanchez and Phil Ritchie Found in translation: Computational discovery of translation effects Translation Spaces, 2(1), pp81-104. DOI:
  2013 Moreau, Erwan and Carl Vogel Style-based distance features for author verification - Notebook for PAN at CLEF 2013. PAN@CLEF 2013
  2013 Daniel Isemann, Khurshid Ahmad, Tim Fernando, and Carl Vogel Temporal Dependence in Legal Documents Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning - IDEAL2013 - 14th International Conference, IDEAL 2013 , pp497-504. DOI:
  2013 Mamani Sanchez, Liliana and Carl Vogel IMHO: An Exploratory Study of Hedging in Web Forums Proceedings of the SIGDIAL 2013 Conference, pp309-313

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