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Year Authors Title
  2018 Lawlor, J., Conneely, C., Oldham, E., Marshall, K., & Tangney B. Bridge21: Teamwork, Technology and Learning. A pragmatic model for effective 21C Team-based Learning Technology, Pedagogy and Education, 27(2), pp211-232. DOI:
  2018 Tangney B., Boran I., Knox T., & Bray A. Constructionist STEM Activities Using the Bridge21 Model Constructionism, pp438-448
  2018 Rocha M., Tangney B., Dondio P., Play and Learn: Teachers’ Perceptions About Classroom Video Games 12th European Conference on Games Based Learning, pp808-816
  2017 Bray A., Tangney B., Technology Usage in Mathematics Education Research - A Systematic Review of Recent Trends Computers & Education, 114, pp255-273. DOI:
  2016 Byrne, J. R., Fisher, L. & Tangney, B A 21st Century Teaching and Learning Approach to Computer Science Education: Teacher Reactions Computer Supported Education , pp523-540
  2016 Wickham C., Girvan C., and Tangney B. Constructionism and microworlds as part of a 21st century learning activity to impact student engagement and confidence in physics Constructionism, pp34-43
  2016 Girvan C., Conneely C., Tangney B., Extending experiential learning in teacher professional development Teaching and Teacher Education , 58, pp129-139. DOI:
  2016 Lawlor G., Tangney B. Constructivist Learning and Mantle of the Expert Pedagogy - A Case Study of an Authentic Learning Activity, the “Brain Game”, to Develop 21St Century Skills in Context, 8th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, 2, pp265-272
  2016 Fisher, L., Byrne, J. R., & Tangney, B. Teacher Experiences of Learning Computing Using a 21st Century Model of Computer Science Continuing Professional Development 8th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, 2, pp273-281
  2016 O'Donovan, D., McCrea, J., Gallagher, S. and Tangney, B. Living The Lockout: The Dublin Tenement Experience Participation Design for Locals, Diaspora, and Teenagers through Engagement with one of the Darkest Times in Dublin's History Museum International, 68(3-4), pp131-147
  2015 Lorraine Fisher, Jake Rowan Byrne and Brendan Tangney Exploring Teacher Reactions towards a 21St Century Teaching and Learning Approach to Continuing Professional Development Programme in Computer Science 7th International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU), pp22-31
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  2015 Lawlor J., Marshall K., Tangney B. Bridge21 - Exploring the potential to foster intrinsic student motivation through a team-based, technology mediated learning model Technology, Pedagogy and Education, pp1-20. DOI:
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  2015 Lorraine Fisher, Jake Rowan Byrne and Brendan Tangney Exploring Teacher Reactions towards a 21St Century Teaching and Learning Approach to Continuing Professional Development Programme in Computer Science 7th International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEDU), pp22-31
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  2015 Byrne, J. R., Fisher, L. & Tangney, B. Computer Science Teacher reactions towards Raspberry Pi Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops using the Bridge21 model 10th International Conference on Computer Science & Education (ICCSE), pp267-272. DOI:
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  2015 Murchan, D., Tangney, B., Johnston, K. & Conneely, C. Lessons from using the Bridge21 model in the context of 21st century learning approaches. British Educational Research Association
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  2014 Reardon S., Tangney B. Smartphones, Studio-Based Learning and Scaffolding - Helping Novices to Learn to Program ACM Transactions on Computing Education, 14(4), pp1-15. DOI:
  2013 Bray, A. & Tangney, B. Mathematics, Technology Interventions and Pedagogy - Seeing the Wood From the Trees 5th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, pp57-63. DOI:
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  2013 Claire Conneely , John Lawlor and Brendan Tangney Technology, Teamwork and 21st Century Skills in the Irish Classroom Shaping our Future: How the lessons of the past can shape educational transformation
  2012 Byne J., Tangney B. CAWriter - a Computer Supported Collaborative Tool to Support Doctoral Candidates Academic Writing: A Pedagogical and Human-Computer Interaction Perspective Collaborative and Distributed E-Research: Innovations in Technologies, Strategies and Applications.. , pp182-205. DOI:
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  2006 Declan Kelly and Brendan Tangney Using Multiple Intelligence Informed Resources in an Adaptive System Intelligent Tutoring Systems: 8th International Conference, 4053, pp412-421. DOI:

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