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  2020 Insua D.R, Ruggeri F, Soyer R, Wilson S Advances in Bayesian decision making in reliability European Journal of Operational Research, 282, pp1-18. DOI:
  2020 M. Pag`es, P. Bock, D. Gordon, C. Linares, B. Hereu, S.P. Wilson and M. Costello Progress in the discovery of extant and fossil Bryozoans Marine Ecology Progress Series, 635, pp71-79. DOI:
  2019 Bhattacharya A, Wilson S.P, Soyer R A Bayesian approach to modeling mortgage default and prepayment European Journal of Operational Research, 274(3), pp1112-1124. DOI:
  2019 Pamungkas J, Glasby C.J, Read G.B, Wilson S.P, Costello M.J Progress and perspectives in the discovery of polychaete worms (Annelida) of the world Helgoland Marine Research, 73(1). DOI:
  2019 Markus Rau, Rachel Mandelbaum and Simon Wilson Estimating redshift distributions using Hierarchical Logistic Gaussian processes Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. DOI:
  2019 Pievatalo, A., Rios Insua, D. and Wilson, S.P. Foreward to the Special Issue on Games and Decisions in Reliability and Risk Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, 35(3). DOI:
  2018 Joshi, C. and Ruggeri, F. and Wilson, S.P. Prior Robustness for Bayesian Implementation of the Fault Tree Analysis IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 67(1), pp170-183. DOI:
  2018 Joan Cahill, Una Geary, Ewan Douglas, Simon Wilson, Michael Ferreira, Brian Gilbert User and design requirements and production of evidence: using incident analysis data to (1) inform user scenarios and bow ties, and (2) generate user and design requirements Cognition, Technology & Work, 20(1), pp23--47
  2018 Arfianti T, Wilson S, Costello M.J Progress in the discovery of amphipod crustaceans PeerJ, 2018(7). DOI:
  2018 Bhattacharya A, Wilson S.P Sequential Bayesian inference for static parameters in dynamic state space models Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 127, pp187-203. DOI:
  2016 De Persis, C. and Wilson, S. Using the analytic hierarchy process in the assessment of the probability for an explosion to occur during the atmospheric re-entry Proceedings of the International Astronautical Congress, IAC
  2015 Costello M.J, Lane M, Wilson S, Houlding B Factors influencing when species are first named and estimating global species richness Global Ecology and Conservation, 4, pp243-254. DOI:
  2015 Quirós A, Wilson S.P, Diez R.M, Solana A.B, Hernández Tamames J.A Brain activity detection by estimating the signal-to-noise ratio of fMRI time series using dynamic linear models Digital Signal Processing. DOI:
  2015 OBrien E.J, Schmidt F, Hajializadeh D, Zhou X.-Y, Enright B, Caprani C.C, Wilson S, Sheils E A review of probabilistic methods of assessment of load effects in bridges Structural Safety, 53, pp44-56. DOI:
  2015 De Persis C, Wilson S IAC-15-A6.2.11 A risk assessment tool for highly energetic break-up events during the atmospheric re-entry , 3, pp2059-2066
  2014 Costello MJ, Houlding B, Wilson SP As in other taxa, relatively fewer beetles are being described by an increasing number of authors: response to Löbl and Leschen Systematic Entomology, 39(3), pp395–399. DOI:
  2014 Wilson, S.P., Mai, T., Cogan, P., Bhattacharya, A., Aslett, L., O'Riordain, S. and Roetzer, G. Using Storm for scaleable sequential statistical inference CompStat 2014
  2014 Coolen, F.P.A., Aslett, L. and Wilson, S.P. Bayesian inference for reliability of systems and networks using the survival signature Risk Analysis. DOI:
  2013 Mai, T., Ghosh, B., Wilson, S. Short-term traffic flow forecasting with A-SVARMA Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineering-Transport, 167(4), pp232-239
  2013 Costello, M.J., Wilson, S., Houlding, B. More taxonomists describing significantly fewer species per unit effort may indicate that most species have been discovered Systematic Biology, 62(4), pp616-624. DOI:
  2012 Alicia Quirós Carretero and Simon P. Wilson Dependent Gaussian mixture models for source separation Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, 2012, pp239. DOI:
  2012 Ward Appeltans, Shane T. Ahyong, Gary Anderson, Martin V. Angel, Tom Artois, Nicolas Bailly, Roger Bamber, Anthony Barber, Il... The magnitude of global marine species diversity Current Biology, 22(23), pp2189-2202. DOI:
  2012 Mark Costello, Simon P. Wilson and Brett Houlding Predicting total global species richness using rates of species description and estimates of taxonomic effort Systematic Biology, 61(5), pp871-883. DOI:
  2012 Wilson, S.P., Goyal, S. Estimating production test properties from test measurement data Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, 28(6), pp542-557. DOI:
  2011 Tiep Mai and Simon P. Wilson Short-term Traffic Flow Forecasting with Seasonal Vector Auto-Regressive Moving Average Model 58th Congress of the International Statistical Institute
  2011 Alicia Quirós Carretero and Simon P. Wilson Dependent Gaussian mixture models for source separation 19th European Signal Processing Conference. DOI:
  2011 Louis J.M. Aslett and Simon P. Wilson Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Inference on Phase-Type Models 58th Congress of the International Statistical Institute
  2011 Brett Houlding and Simon P. Wilson Considerations on the UK re-arrest hazard rate analysis Journal of Law, Probability and Risk, 10(4), pp303-328. DOI:
  2011 Simon P. Wilson and Jiwon Yoon Large-scale Bayesian ICA with application to separation of the cosmic microwave background Neural Information Processing Society workshop on Big Learning
  2011 Brett Houlding and Simon P. Wilson Considerations on the UK Re-Arrest Hazard Data Analysis (How Model Selection Can Alter Conclusions for Policy Development) 58th Congress of the International Statistical Institute
  2011 Katarina Domijan and Simon P Wilson Bayesian kernel projections for classification of high dimensional data Statistics and Computing, 21(2), pp203-. DOI:
  2011 M. Costello & Simon P. Wilson Predicting the number of known and unknown species in European seas using rates of description Global Ecology and Biogeography, 20(2), pp319-330. DOI:
  2011 Simon P. Wilson, Suresh Goyal Estimating production test properties from test measurement data Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry. DOI:
  2011 Arnab Bhattacharya and Simon P. Wilson Inference for Discrete Latent Time Series Processes 58th Congress of the International Statistical Institute
  2010 Yoon, J.W. , Wilson, S.P. Improved mean shift algorithm with heterogeneous node weights 20th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, pp 4222-4225. DOI:
  2010 Alicia Quirós Carretero, Raquel Montes Diez and Simon P. Wilson Bayesian spatiotemporal model of fMRI data using transfer functions Neuroimage, 52(3), pp995-1004 . DOI:
  2010 Yoon JW, Wilson SP, Mok KH A highly efficient blocked Gibbs sampler reconstruction of multidimensional NMR spectra 13th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS), 9, pp940-947
  2010 Pepa Ramirez Cobo, Rosa E. Lillo, Simon P. Wilson and Michael P. Wiper Bayesian inference for double Pareto lognormal queues Annals of Applied Statistics, 4(3), pp1533-1557. DOI:
  2010 Bahman Honari, John Donovan, Toby Joyce, Simon Wilson, Eamonn Murphy Stress test optimisation using an integrated production test and reliability field model Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 26(6), pp579-592. DOI:
  2010 Simon Wilson & R. Vatsa The variational Bayes method for inverse regression problems with an application to the palaeoclimate reconstruction Journal of Combinatorics, Information and System Sciences., 35(1-2), pp221-248
  2010 Simon P. Wilson, Ercan E. Kuruoğlu and Alicia Quirós Carretero Bayesian factor analysis using Gaussian mixture sources, with applicatin to separation of the cosmic microwave background 2010 IAPR Workshop on Cognitive Information Processing,, pp198-202
  2009 S.P.Wilson, B. Houlding, A. Bhattacharya and T. Forde A fast Bayesian model for a latent radio signal Workshop on Stochastic Processes for Wireless Networks. DOI:
  2009 Ben Flood, Brett Houlding, Simon P. Wilson, Sergiy Vilkomir. A probability model of system downtime with implications for optimal warranty design Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 26(1), pp 83 - 96. DOI:
  2009 T. Joyce, O. Gaffney, S. Wilson and S. Kher Modeling and adapting production environmental stress testing Journal of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, 52(1), pp52-62. DOI:
  2009 S.P. Wilson, M. Hofmann and P. White Automated identi fication of linked trips at trip level using electronic fare collection data Transportation Research Board of the National Academies
  2009 Simon P. Wilson Reliability in the 21st Century. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Statistics, 1(3), pp338 - 341. DOI:
  2009 S.P. Wilson., S. Goyal, J. Mosher, J. O'Brien and R. Kennedy Optimising testing in telecommunications network systems Safety, Reliability and Risk Analysis: Theory, Methods and Applications, pp949-954
  2009 S.Wilson, T. Joyce and E. Lisay Reliability prediction from field return data Lifetime Data Analysis, 15(3), pp397-410. DOI:
  2008 Simon Wilson, Rozenn Dahyot and Padraig Cunningham Introduction to Bayesian methods and decision theory Machine Learning for Multimedia Data, pp3-20
  2008 Toby Joyce, Bahan Honari, Simon Wilson, John Donovan and Oonagh Gaffney Models for optimization of production environmental stress testing on electronic circuit packs International Journal of Reliability, Quality and Safety Engineering, 15(6), pp 555-579 . DOI:

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