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Year Authors Title
  2015 Bridget Kane and Saturnino Luz Clinical Training and Teamwork: Learning and Feedback IEEE 28th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, pp280-285
  2015 Su Jing and Saturnino Luz Predicting cognitive load levels from speech data Proceedings of the International Conference on Non-Linear Speech Processing (NOLISP 2015), pp1-8
  2014 H. Akira, N. Campbell, and S. Luz Interlingual map task corpus collection. INTERSPEECH'14: the 15th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association, , pp189-191
  2014 S. Wendzel, C. Herdin, R. Wirth, M. Masoodian, S. Luz, , and J. Kaur Mosaic-chart based visualization in building automation systems Future Security 2014, pp1-4
  2014 Xavier Ochoa, Marcelo Worsley, Katherine Chiluiza and Saturnino Luz MLA’14 – Third Multimodal Learning Analytics Workshop and Grand Challenges International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, pp531-532. DOI:
  2014 S. Luz and S. Sheehan A graph based abstraction of textual concordances and two renderings for their interactive visualisation International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, AVI '14, pp293-296. DOI:
  2014 M. Masoodian, E. André, S. Luz, and T. Rist Fostering smart energy applications through advanced visual interfaces International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, AVI '14, pp409-412. DOI:
  2014 Luz, S., Masoodian, M., Cesario, M., Cesario, R. R., and Rogers, B. Designing a Serious Game for Community-Based Disease Prevention in the Amazon ACE 2014, The 11th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology, pp41:1-41:4. DOI:
  2014 Bridget Kane and Saturnino Luz Expanding the HCI Agenda in Healthcare 27th International Symposium on Computer Based Medical Systems, pp382-385. DOI:
  2014 A. Schneider, J. Hellrich, and S. Luz Word, syllable and phoneme based metrics do not correlate with human performance in ASR-mediated tasks Advances in Natural Language Processing, pp392-399. DOI:
  2014 Saturnino Luz Restructuring multimodal interaction data for browsing and search Semantic Multimedia Analysis and Processing, pp87-109
  2014 S. Luz and M. Masoodian Involving geographically distributed users in the design of an interactive system The 15th Australasian User Interface Conference, 150, pp77-85
  2014 S. Luz and M. Masoodian Readability of a background map layer under a semi-transparent foreground layer International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, AVI '14, pp161-168. DOI:
  2013 Bridget Kane and Pieter Toussaint and Saturnino Luz Shared Decision Making Needs a Communication Record Computer Supported Cooperative Work, pp79-89. DOI:
  2013 B. Kane, S. Luz, and P. Toussaint Developing a framework for evaluation of technology use at multidisciplinary meetings in healthcare Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS), 2013 IEEE 26th International Symposium on, pp355-360. DOI:
  2013 Saturnino Luz, Masood Masoodian, Manuel Cesario Disease surveillance and patient care in remote regions: an exploratory study of collaboration among healthcare professionals in Amazonia Behaviour & Information Technology, pp1-24. DOI:
  2013 M. B. Carloni, M. Cesario, R. R. Cesario, S. Luz, E. Margarido, M. Masoodian, and D. F. Pires In-class use of the nu-case mobile telehealth system in a medical school Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS), 2013 IEEE 26th International Symposium on, pp437-440. DOI:
  2013 Saturnino Luz Automatic Identification of Experts and Performance Prediction in the Multimodal Math Data Corpus through Analysis of Speech Interaction ICMI'13, pp575-582
  2013 Bridget Kane and Saturnino Luz "Do No Harm": Fortifying MDT Collaboration in Changing Technological Times International Journal of Medical Informatics, 82, pp613-625. DOI:
  2012 Bridget Kane and Saturnino Luz Collaboration and multimedia: identifying equilibrium in the MDT information ecosystem ACM 2012 conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work Companion, pp119-122. DOI:
  2012 S Luz The non-verbal structure of patient case discussions in multidisciplinary medical team meetings ACM Transactions on Information Systems, 30(4). DOI:
  2012 M. Cesario, M. Lundon, S. Luz, M. Masoodian, and B. Rogers Mobile support for diagnosis of communicable diseases in remote locations 13th International Conference of the NZ Chapter of the ACM's Special Interest Group on Human-Computer Interaction, CHINZ '12, pp25-28. DOI:
  2012 S. Luz, M. Masoodian, M. Cesario, and B. Rogers Supporting collaboration among healthcare professionals and disease surveillance in remote areas 25th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS'12), pp1-6. DOI:
  2012 G. Doherty, N. Karamanis, and S. Luz Collaboration in translation: The impact of increased reach on cross-organisational work Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW). DOI:
  2012 I. Van der Sluis, S. Luz, W. Breitfuß, M. Ishizuka, and H. Prendinger Cross-cultural assessment of automatically generated multimodal referring expressions in a virtual world International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 70(9), pp611-629. DOI:
  2012 M. Cesario, M. Jervis, S. Luz, M. Masoodian, and B. Rogers Time-based geographical mapping of communicable diseases 16th International Conference on Information Visualisation, IV'12, pp21-26. DOI:
  2011 Bridget Kane and Saturnino Luz Information sharing at multidisciplinary medical team meetings Group Decision and Negotiation, 20(4), pp437-464. DOI:
  2011 Saturnino Luz and Ielka Van Der Sluis Production of Demonstratives in Dutch, English and Portuguese Dialogues Proceedings of the 13th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG'11), pp181-186
  2011 Saturnino Luz Web-based Corpus Software Corpus-Based Translation Studies, pp124-149
  2011 Ielka Van Der Sluis and Saturnino Luz A cross-linguistic study on the production of multimodal referring expressions in dialogue Proceedings of the 13th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation (ENLG'11), pp53-62
  2011 Saturnino Luz and Masood Masoodian Comparing static Gantt and mosaic charts for visualization of task schedules Information Visualisation, pp182-187. DOI:
  2011 Anne Schneider, Saturnino Luz Speaker Alignment in Synthesised, Machine Translated Communication Proceedings of the International Workshop on Spoken Language Translation (IWSLT), pp118-124
  2011 Ielka Van Der Sluis and Saturnino Luz Issues in Translating and Producing Japanese Referring Expressions for Dialogues Linguistic Issues in Language Technology, 5(1), pp1-42
  2011 Bridget Kane and Saturnino Luz On Record Keeping at Multidisciplinary Team Meetings The 24th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, pp1-6. DOI:
  2010 Bridget Kane, Ken O'Byrne, Saturnino Luz Assessing Support Requirements for Multidisciplinary Team Meetings The 23RD IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS 2010). DOI:
  2010 Jing, S., Kane, B. and Luz, S Automatic meeting participant role detection by dialogue patterns. Development of Multimodal Interfaces: Active Listening and Synchrony. No. 5967 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp314-327
  2010 Saturnino Luz, Masood Masoodian, Bill Rogers and Simon De Schutter FOLDER3D: A Graphical File Management System Supporting Visualisation of File Relationships The International Conference on Information Visualization Theory and Applications (IVAPP), pp4pp. DOI:
  2010 Bridget Kane, Saturnino Luz, Jing Su Capturing multimodal interaction at medical meetings in a hospital setting: Opportunities and Challenges Workshop on Multi-Modal Corpora at LREC 2010, pp140-145
  2009 Bridget Kane, Saturnino Luz and James Meaney Perception of Movement and Orientation in Digital Medical Imaging Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference (I-HCI'09), pp111-114
  2009 Saturnino Luz and Bridget Kane Classification of patient case discussions through analysis of vocalisation graphs International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces, pp107-114. DOI:
  2009 Nikiforos Karamanis and Saturnino Luz Interaction strategies by a non-english speaker in dublin and their relation to machine translation Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference (I-HCI'09), pp107-110
  2009 Werner Breitfuss, Ielka Van der Sluis, Saturnino Luz, Helmut Prendinger and Mitsuro Ishizuka Evaluating an Algorithm for the Generation of Multimodal Referring Expressions in a Virtual World: A Pilot Study International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, 5773, pp181-187. DOI:
  2009 Saturnino Luz Locating case discussion segments in recorded medical team meetings ACM Multimedia: Searching Spontaneous Conversational Speech, pp21-30. DOI:
  2009 Saturnino Luz, Masood Masoodian, Daniel McKenzie, and Wim Vanden Broeck Chronos: A tool for interactive scheduling and visualisation of task hierarchies 13th International Conference on Information Visualisation, IV09, pp241-246. DOI:
  2009 Ielka Van der Sluis, Junko Nagai and Saturnino Luz Producing referring expressions in dialogue: Insights from a translation exercise PreCogsci 2009: Production of Referring Expressions: Bridging the gap between computational and empirical approaches to reference, pp1-8
  2009 Bridget Kane and Saturnino Luz Achieving Diagnosis by Consensus COMPUTER SUPPORTED COOPERATIVE WORK-THE JOURNAL OF COLLABORATIVE COMPUTING , 18(4), pp357-391. DOI:
  2009 Bridget Kane and Saturnino Luz Assimilating Information and Offering a Medical Opinion in Remote and Co-located Meetings IEEE Computer Based Medical Systems, pp494-499. DOI:
  2009 Gavin Doherty, Saturnino Luz and Aaron Quigley Proceedings of The 3rd Irish Human-Computer Interaction Conference (I-HCI'09) , pp140
  2008 Matt-Mouley Bouamrane and Saturnino Luz Uncovering non-verbal semantic aspects of collaborative meetings: iterative design and evaluation of the meeting miner Signal, Image and Video Processing, 2(4), pp337-353. DOI:
  2008 Matt Bouamrane, Saturnino Luz, and Masood Masoodian Using ontologies in interactive systems: International Workshop HCI 2008: The 22nd British HCI Group Annual Conference, 2, pp195-196

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