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  2016 John Walsh, Jonathan Dukes, Gabriele Pierantoni, Brian Coghlan Overview and Evaluation of Conceptual Strategies for Accessing CPU-Dependent Execution Resources in Grid Infrastructures Computer Science Journal (AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland), 16(4), pp373-393. DOI:
  2015 John Walsh and Jonathan Dukes GPGPU Virtualisation with multi-API support using Containers 10th Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cloud Computing (VHPC'15), 9523, pp802-812. DOI:
  2015 John Walsh and Jonathan Dukes Application Support for Virtual GPGPUs in Grid Infrastructures IEEE 11th International Conference on e-Science (e-Science), pp67-77. DOI:
  2014 John Walsh and Jonathan Dukes Supporting Job-Level Secure Access to GPGPU Resources on Existing Grid Infrastructures 3rd Workshop on Scalable Computing in Distributed Systems and 8th Workshop on Large Scale Computations on Grids (SCoDiS-LaSCoG'14), pp781-790. DOI:
  2009 John Paul O'Neill, Jonathan Dukes Re-Evaluating Multicast Streaming Using Large-Scale Network Simulation First International Conference on Intensive Applications and Services, pp39-46. DOI:
  2009 John Paul O'Neill and Jonathan Dukes On-Demand Multicast Streaming Using Collaborative Prefix Caching 12th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Management of Multimedia and Mobile Networks and Services (MMNS), pp27-40. DOI:
  2004 Jonathan Dukes and Jeremy Jones Using Dynamic Replication to Manage Service Availability in a Multimedia Server Cluster 2nd International Workshop on Multimedia Interactive Protocols and Systems (MIPS 2004), pp194-206. DOI:
  2003 Jonathan Dukes and Jeremy Jones Dynamic Replication of Content in the HammerHead Multimedia Server Cluster EUROMEDIA'2003
  2002 Jonathan Dukes and Jeremy Jones Dynamic RePacking: A Content Replication Policy for Clustered Multiumedia Servers Microsoft Research Summer Workshop for Faculty and PhDs

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