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Year Authors Title
  2018 Retno Aulia Vinarti, Lucy Hederman A Knowledge-base for a Personalized Infectious Disease Risk Prediction System 29th Medical Informatics Europe (MIE 2018), pp5. DOI:
  2018 Retno Aulia Vinarti, Lucy Hederman Introduction of a Bayesian Network Builder Algorithm: Personalized Infectious Disease Risk Prediction 11th International Conference on Health Informatics (HealthInf 2018): ACM Conference Series, pp12. DOI:
  2018 C. Martin, J.P. Sturmberg, K. Stockman, D. Campbell, L. Hederman, C. Vogel, and K. Smith Supporting Complex Dynamic Health Journeys Using Conversation to Avert Hospital Readmissions from the Community: An Ecological Perspective Incorporating Interoception Putting Systems and Complexity Science into Practice, pp51-71
  2017 Retno Aulia Vinarti, Lucy Hederman Personalization of Infectious Disease Risk Prediction: Towards Automatic Generation of a Bayesian Network 2017 IEEE 30th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS), pp594-599. DOI:
  2016 Jones S, Cournane S, Sheehy N, Hederman L A Business Analytics Software Tool for Monitoring and Predicting Radiology Throughput Performance. Journal of digital imaging, 29(6), pp645-653. DOI:
  2016 McGann, J., Conlan, O., Hederman, L., & Arnedillo-Sánchez I The Deployment of Exergames for the Assessment of Children’s Locomotor Skills in the Classroom 6th Irish Conference on Game-Based Learning, 1, pp35-45
  2016 Annariina Koivu, Nicolas Mavengere, Mikko Ruohonen, Lucy Hederman, Jane Grimson Exploring the Information and ICT Skills of Health Professionals in Low- and Middle-Income Countries IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology. DOI:
  2015 PJ Wall, Frédérique Vallières, Eilish McAuliffe, Dave Lewis, Lucy Hederman Implementing mHealth in low and middle-income countries: What should program implementers consider? Mobile Health (mHealth): Multidisciplinary Verticals, pp257-273. DOI:
  2014 Kris McGlinn, Lucy Hederman, Dave Lewis SimCon: A Context Simulator for Supporting Evaluation of Smart Building Applications when Faced with Uncertainty Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 12, pp139-159. DOI:
  2013 Carmel M. Martin, Carl Vogel, Lucy Hederman, Kevin Smith, Atieh Zarabzadeh, Deirdre Grady, and Jing Su Avoidable Hospitalizations in Older Adults: Applying Complexity Science Principles and Machine Learning Approaches Handbook of Systems and Complexity in Health, pp445-465. DOI:
  2013 PJ Wall, Frédérique Vallières, Dave Lewis, Lucy Hederman, Josef Musa A Socio-Technical Approach to the Implementation of mHealth in Sierra Leone: A Theoretical Perspective eChallenges Conference 2013
  2012 Corrigan, Derek, Lucy Hederman, Haseeb Khan, Adel Taweel, Olga Kostopoulou and Brendan Delaney An Ontology-Driven Approach to Clinical Evidence Modelling Implementing Clinical Prediction Rules E-Health Technologies and Improving Patient Safety: Exploring Organizational Factors, pp257-284. DOI:
  2012 Luca Longo, Bridget Kane, Lucy Hederman Argumentation Theory in Health Care The 25th International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, pp1-6. DOI:
  2012 Martin, Carmel M., Carl Vogel, Deidre Grady, Atieh Zarabzadeh, Lucy Hederman, John Kellett, Kevin Smith and Brendan O'Shea Implementation of complex adaptive chronic care: the Patient Journey Record System (PaJR) Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 18(6), pp1226-1234. DOI:
  2011 Liang Xiao, Grainne Cousins, Brenda Courtney, Lucy Hederman, Tom Fahey, Borislav D Dimitrov Developing an electronic health record (EHR) for methadone treatment recording and decision support BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 11(5). DOI:
  2010 Liang Xiao, Grainne Cousins, Lucy Hederman, Tom Fahey, Borislav Dimitrov The design of an EHR for clinical decision support International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Informatics (BMEI). DOI:
  2010 E D Brabazon, M W Carton, C Murray, L Hederman, D Bedford General practice out-of-hours service in Ireland provides a new source of syndromic surveillance data on influenza Eurosurveillance
  2009 Liang Xiao, Bo Hu, Lucy Hederman, Paul Lewis, Borislav D. Dimitrov Towards Knowledge Sharing and Patient Privacy in a Clinical Decision Support System Information Technology Interfaces (ITI'09). DOI:
  2008 Séamus Lawless, Lucy Hederman, Vincent Wade OCCS: Enabling the Dynamic Discovery, Harvesting and Delivery of Educational Content from Open Corpus Sources The 8th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, pp676-678. DOI:
  2008 Séamus Lawless, Lucy Hederman, Vincent Wade Enhancing Access to Open Corpus Educational Content: Learning in the Wild 21st ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia , pp167-174. DOI:
  2004 Y. Rahman, L. Hederman, T. Knape, M. Gargan, G. Power, V. Wade Medinfo 2004
  2003 Knape, T., Hederman, L., Wade, V. P., Gargan, M., Harris, C. A UML Approach to Process Modelling of Clinical Practice Guidelines for Enactment The New Navigators: from Professionals to Patients, Proceedings of Medical Informatics Europe 2003, pp635-640
  2003 Bisbal, J., Grimson, J., Grimson, W., Berry, D. and Hederman, L. From passive to active electronic healthcare records Methods of Information in Medicine, 42(5), pp535-543
  2003 Y Rahman, T Knape, M Gargan, S McQuaid, V Wade, L Hederman, J Nolan, J Grimson Mass Screening For Diabetes: New Horizon with Computer Aided Diagnosis System 22nd Joint Meeting of British Endocrine Societies
  2002 Lucy Hederman, Daniel Smutek, Vincent Wade, Thomas Knape Clinical Guidelines in UML: A Comparative Study Health Data in the Information Society, Proceedings of MIE2002, pp471-477
  1996 V. Wade, W. Grimson, L. Hederman, M. Yearworth, T. Groth Managing the operation of open distributed laboratory information systems Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 50, pp123-133

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