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Year Authors Title
  2022 L. Nurgalieva, S. Ryan and G. Doherty Attitudes towards COVID-19 contact tracing apps: a cross-national survey IEEE Access. DOI:
  2022 Leysan Nurgalieva, Seamus Ryan, Andreas Balaskas, Janne Lindqvist, and Gavin Doherty Public views on COVID-19 digital immunity certificates: a mixed methods user study Proceedings of ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Comput- ing Systems (CHI ’22). DOI:
  2022 Camille Nadal, Shane McCully, Kevin Doherty, Corina Sas, and Gavin Doherty The TAC Toolkit: Supporting Design for User Acceptance of Health Technologies from a Macro-Temporal Perspective Proceedings of ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI '22). DOI:
  2022 S. Cronin, E. Freeman, and G. Doherty Investigating Clutching Interactions for Touchless Medical Imaging Systems Proceedings of ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’22)
  2021 C. Nadal, C. Earley, A. Enrique, N. Vigano, C. Sas, D. Richards & G. Doherty Integration of a smartwatch within an internet-delivered intervention for depression: protocol for a feasibility randomized controlled trial on acceptance Contemporary Clinical Trials, 103. DOI:
  2021 A. Balaskas, S.M. Schueller, A. Cox & G. Doherty Ecological momentary interventions for mental health: A scoping review PLoS ONE, 16(3). DOI:
  2021 S. Cronin, B. Kane and G. Doherty A Qualitative Analysis of the Needs and Experiences of Hospital-based Clinicians when Accessing Medical Imaging Journal of Digital Imaging, 34, pp385–396. DOI:
  2021 Chekroud, A.M., Bondar, J., Delgadillo, J., Doherty, G., Wasil, A., Fokkema, M., Cohen, Z., Belgrave, D., DeRubeis, R., Inies... The promise of machine learning in predicting treatment outcomes in psychiatry World Psychiatry, 20(2), pp154-170. DOI:
  2021 A. Balaskas A, SM Schueller, AL Cox, and G. Doherty Functionality of Mobile Apps for Anxiety: A Systematic Search and Analysis of Engagement and Tailoring Features JMIR mHealth and uHealth, 9(10). DOI:
  2020 K. Doherty, M. Barry, J. Marcano- Belisario, C. Morrison, J. Car, and G. Doherty Personal Information and Public Health: Design Tensions in Sharing and Monitoring Wellbeing in Pregnancy International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 135. DOI:
  2020 Qu, C., Sas, C., Dauden Roquet, C., Doherty, G. Functionality of Top-Rated Mobile Apps for Depression: Systematic Search and Evaluation JMIR Mental Health, 7(1). DOI:
  2020 P. Chikersal, D. Belgrave, G. Doherty, A. Enrique, J. E. Palacios, D. Richards and A. Thieme Understanding Client Support Strategies to Improve Clinical Outcomes in an Online Mental Health Intervention ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2020). DOI:
  2020 J. Jardine, C. Earley, D. Richards, L. Timulak, J.E., Palacios, D., Duffy, K. Tierney, G. Doherty The experience of guided online therapy: A longitudinal, qualitative analysis of client feedback in a naturalistic RCT ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2020). DOI:
  2020 A. Thieme, D. Belgrave & G. Doherty Machine Learning in Mental Health : A Systematic Review of the HCI Literature to Support the Development of Effective and Implementable ML Systems ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, 27(5), pp1-53. DOI:
  2020 C. Nadal, C.Sas and G. Doherty Technology acceptance in mHealth: a scoping review of definitions, models and measurement Journal of Medical Internet Research, 22(7). DOI:
  2020 L. Nurgalieva, D. O'Callaghan and G. Doherty Security and privacy of mHealth applications: a scoping review IEEE Access, 8. DOI:
  2020 K. Doherty, A. Balaskas and G. Doherty The Design of Ecological Momentary Assessment Technologies Interacting with Computers, 32(3), pp257-278. DOI:
  2020 Anja Thieme, Danielle Belgrave, Akane Sano, Gavin Doherty Machine learning applications: reflections on mental health assessment and ethics ACM interactions, 27(2), pp6-7. DOI:
  2020 C. Sas, K. Höök, G. Doherty, P. Sanches, T. Leufkens, and J. Westerink Mental Wellbeing: Future Agenda Drawing from Design, HCI and Big Data Companion Publication of the 2020 ACM Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS’ 20 Companion). DOI:
  2020 I. Chien, A. Enrique, J. Palacios, T. Regan, D. Keegan, D. Carter, S. Tschiatschek, A. Nori, A. Thieme, D. Richards, G. Doher... A Machine Learning Approach to Understanding Patterns of Engagement with Internet-Delivered Mental Health Interventions JAMA Network Open, 3(7). DOI:
  2019 Sean Cronin and Gavin Doherty Touchless computer interfaces in hospitals: a review Health Informatics, 25(4). DOI:
  2019 K. Doherty and G. Doherty Engagement in HCI: Conception, Theory and Measurement ACM Computing Surveys, 51(5), pp99 -. DOI:
  2019 Qu, C., Sas, C., Doherty, G. Exploring and Designing for Memory Impairments in Depression
 ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2019), pp510-. DOI:
  2019 K. Doherty, J. Marcano-Belisario, M. Cohn, N. Mastellos, C. Morrison, J. Car, and G. Doherty Engagement with Mental Health Screening on Mobile Devices: Results from an Antenatal Feasibility Study ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2019). DOI:
  2019 Sanches P., Janson, A., Karpashevich, P., Nadal, C., Qu, C., Dauden Roquet, C., Umair, M., Windlin, C., Doherty, G., Hook, K.... HCI and Affective Health: Taking stock of a decade of studies and charting future research directions ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2019). DOI:
  2019 C. Nadal, C. Sas, G. Doherty Technology acceptability, acceptance and adoption-definitions and measurement Proceedings of WISH 2019 Workgroup on Interactive Systems in Healthcare Symposium, CHI 2019.
  2018 Kevin Doherty and Gavin Doherty The Construal of Experience in HCI: Understanding Self-Reports International Journal of Human Computer Studies, 110, pp63-74. DOI:
  2018 Doherty K, Barry M, Marcano-Belisario J, Arnaud B, Morrison C, Car J, Doherty G A Mobile App for the Self-Report of Psychological Wellbeing during Pregnancy (BrightSelf): Qualitative Design Study JMIR Mental Health, 5(4). DOI:
  2017 M. Barry and G. Doherty What we talk about when we talk about interactivity: Empowerment in public discourse New Media & Society, 19(7). DOI:
  2017 M. Barry, K. Doherty, J. Marcano Belisario, J. Car, C. Morrison and G. Doherty m-Health for Maternal Mental Health: Everyday wisdom in Ethical Design Proceedings of ACM CHI 2017 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pp2708-2720. DOI:
  2017 M. Barry and G. Doherty How we talk about interactivity: Modes and meanings in HCI research Interacting with Computers, 29(5). DOI:
  2017 Marcano Belisario JS, Doherty K, O'Donoghue J, Ramchandani P, Majeed A, Doherty G, Morrison C, Car J A bespoke mobile application for the longitudinal assessment of depression and mood during pregnancy: protocol of a feasibility study BMJ Open, 7. DOI:
  2017 Matthews M., Murnane E., Snyder J., Guha S., Chang P., Doherty G. & Gay G. The double-edged sword: A mixed methods study of the interplay between bipolar disorder and technology use Computers in Human Behavior, 75, pp288-300. DOI:
  2016 Roman Atachiants, Gavin Doherty and David Gregg Parallel performance problems on shared-memory multicore systems: a taxonomy and observation IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 42(8), pp764-785. DOI:
  2016 Gibbons C, Bailador del Pozo G, Andrés J, Lobstein T, Manco M, Lewy H, Bergman E, O'Callaghan D, Doherty G, Kudrautseva O, P... Data-as-a-Service Platform for Delivering Healthy Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine: Concept and Structure of the DAPHNE Project JMIR Res Protoc, 5(4). DOI:
  2016 Richards, D., Richardson, T., Timulak, L., Viganò, N., Mooney, J., Doherty, G., Hayes, C., Sharry, J. Predictors of depression severity in a treatment-seeking sample. International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology, 16(3), pp221-229. DOI:
  2016 Richards D., Richards D., Murphy T., Viganó N., Timulak L., Doherty G., Sharry J., Sharry J., Hayes C. Acceptability, satisfaction and perceived efficacy of "Space from Depression" an internet-delivered treatment for depression Internet Interventions, 5, pp12-22. DOI:
  2016 Barry, Marguerite, Kevin Doherty and Gavin Doherty Communicating “What's Not Said”: Mobile Apps for Psychological Wellbeing International Journal of Sociotechnology and Knowledge Development, 8(3), pp46-55. DOI:
  2016 D. Richards, L. Timulak, C. Rashleigh, O. McLoughlin, A. Colla, C. Joyce, G. Doherty, J. Sharry, D. Duffy, M. Anderson-Gibbons Effectiveness of an internet-delivered intervention for generalized anxiety disorder in routine care: A randomised controlled trial in a student population Internet Interventions, 6, pp80-88. DOI:
  2016 Abdullah S, Matthews M, Frank E, Doherty G, Gay G, Choudhury T Automatic detection of social rhythms in bipolar disorder Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 23(3), pp538-543. DOI:
  2015 Richards, D., Timulak, L., O’Brien, E., Hayes, C., Vigano, N., Sharry, J., Doherty, G. A Randomized Controlled Trial of an internet-delivered treatment: its potential as a low-intensity community intervention for adults with symptoms of depression Behaviour Research and Therapy, 75, pp20-31. DOI:
  2015 M. Matthews, S. Voida, S. Abdullah, G. Doherty, T. Choudhury, S. Im, G. Gay n Situ Design for Mental Illness: Considering the Pathology of Bipolar Disorder in mHealth Design Proceedings of 17th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services (MobileHCI 2015), pp86-97. DOI:
  2015 S. Schlögl, G. Doherty and S. Luz Wizard of Oz Experimentation for Language Technology Applications: Challenges and Tools Interacting with Computers, 27(6), pp592-615. DOI:
  2015 Matthews M, Voida S, Abdullah S, Doherty G, Choudhury T, Im S, Gay G In situ design for mental illness: Considering the pathology of bipolar disorder in mhealth design , pp86-97. DOI:
  2014 M. Matthews, G. Gay and G. Doherty Taking Part: Role-play in the Design of Therapeutic Systems ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing systems (CHI 2014), pp643-652. DOI:
  2014 Richards, D., Timulak, L., Doherty, G., Sharry, J., Colla, A., Joyce, C., & Hayes, C. Internet-delivered treatment: its potential as a low-intensity community intervention for adults with symptoms of depression: protocol for a randomized controlled trial. BMC Psychiatry, 14(147), pp1-11. DOI:
  2014 R. Atachiants, D. Gregg, K. Jarvis and G. Doherty Design Considerations for Parallel Performance Tools ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing systems (CHI 2014), pp2501-2510. DOI:
  2014 D. Richards, L. Timulak, G. Doherty, J. Sharry, O. McLoughlin, C. Rashleigh, A. Colla and C. Joyce Low-intensity internet-delivered treatment for generalized anxiety symptoms in routine care: protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials, 15(1), pp145-. DOI:
  2014 C. Morrison and G. Doherty Analysing Engagement in a Web-based Intervention Platform through Visualising Log-data Journal of Medical Internet Research, 16(11). DOI:
  2014 J.C. Campos, G. Doherty and M.D. Harrison Analysing interactive devices based on information resource constraints International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 72(3), pp284-297. DOI:

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