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Year Authors Title
  1999 Paddy Nixon, Gerard Lacey and Simon Dobson Managing interactions in smart environments , pp250
  1999 AM O'Neill, H Petrie, B Gallagher, H Hunter, G Lacey, N Katevas Initial evaluations of a robot mobility aid for frail and elderly visually impaired persons European Conference for the Advancement of Assistive Technology, pp352-356
  1998 Gerard Lacey, Shane Mac Namara and Kenneth M Dawson-Howe Personal Adaptive Mobility Aid for the frail and elderly blind Lecture Notes in AI 1458: Assistive Technology and Artificial Intelligence
  1998 Nicola Duffy & Gerard Lacey Colour Profiling Using Multiple Colour Spaces British Machine Vision Conference
  1998 Robert Mc Grath and Gerard Lacey Wavelet Filters to Improve Image Segmentation Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference
  1998 Fergal O'Hart, Grant T. Foster, Gerard Lacey & Nikos Katevas A Structure for the Integration of multiple Mobile Robots within Healthcare Environments CVMR'98 Computer Vision & Mobile Robotics Workshop
  1998 Niall Winters and Gerard Lacey Overview of Omni-directional vision for use with a Teleoperated Mobile Robot Proceedings of CVMR'98
  1998 Gerard Lacey and Kenneth M Dawson-Howe The Application of robotics to a mobility aid for the elderly blind Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 23, pp245-252
  1998 A-M. O'Neill, H. Petrie, G. Lacey, N. Katevas, M-A Karlsson, P. Engelbrektsson, B. Gallagher, H. Hunter and D. Zoldan Establishing Initial User Requirements for PAM-AID: a Mobility and Support Device to Assist Frail and Elderly visually Impaired Persons Proceedings of the Third TIDE Congress. Improving Quality of Life for the European Citizen: Technology for inclusive design and equality
  1997 Nikla Duffy and Gerard Lacey Colour Profiling Irish Machine Vision and Image Processing Conference
  1997 Paddy Nixon, Gerard Lacey, Mark Dennehy and Tim Walsh VCR - A Virtually Controlled Robot System Field and Service Robotics
  1997 Gerard Lacey and Kenneth M Dawson-Howe Evaluation of a Robot Mobility Aid for the Elderly Blind Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Intelligent Robotic Systems
  1997 Gerard Lacey, Wolfram Humann and Nikos Katevas User Interfaces for Robot Mobility Aids Proceedings of the Field and Service Robotics Conference
  1996 Gerard Lacey and Kenneth M Dawson-Howe Personal Adaptive Mobility Aid for the frail and elderly blind AAAI Fall Symposium, Developing Assistive Technology for Persons with Disabilities
  1995 Gerard Lacey and Kenneth M Dawson-Howe Autonomous Guide for the Blind TIDE 2nd Congress
  1994 Bill Smart, Gerard Lacey and Kenneth M. Dawson-Howe Development of a Behaviour-Based Mobile Robot SMART network workshop Ispra
  1994 R. Waldron and G. Lacey VERBONDS: Multi-Sensor Bond Verification System
  1993 R. Waldron and G. Lacey Multi-sensor fusion to provide quantitative process characterisation ImageCom93, 93, pp261-265
  1993 G. Lacey. and R. Waldron Flexible multi-sensor inspection system for solder joint analysis SPIE Conference No. 2064, Machine Vision Applications, Architectures and Systems Integration II

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