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Year Authors Title
  2020 Rohan Gupta and Donal O'Mahony A Real-Time Transactive Energy System for Pervasive DERs IEEE Transactive Energy Systems Conference 2020 (TESC2020), pp1-5
  2018 Zhao, S. & O'Mahony, D BMCProtector: A Blockchain and Smart Contract Based Application for Music Copyright Protection 2018 International Conference on Blockchain Technology and Applications-ICBTA2018, pp1-6
  2017 Joseph Doyle, Syed Islam, Rabih Bashroush, Donal O'Mahony Cloud Strife: Expanding the horizons of Cloud Gaming Services IEEE Thirteenth World Congress on Services (SERVICES 2017)
  2015 Christodoulopoulos, K, Katrinis, K., Ruffini, M. & O'Mahony, D. Journal of Optical Communications and Networking Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, 7(3), pp1-10
  2015 O'Coileain, D. & O'Mahony, D. Accounting and Accountability in Content Distribution Architectures : A Survey ACM Computing Surveys, 47(4), pp59:1-59:35. DOI:
  2014 K. Christodoulopoulos, K. Katrinis, M. Ruffini, D. O'Mahony Accelerating HPC Workloads with Dynamic Adaptation of a Software-Defined Hybrid Electronic/Optical Interconnect Optical Fiber Communication Conference, pp1-3. DOI:
  2014 Doyle, J & O'Mahony, D. Nihil: Computing Clouds with Zero Emissions IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering. DOI:
  2014 Coileáin, D.Ó., O'Mahony, D. SAVANT: Aggregated feedback and accountability framework for named data networking ICN 2014 - Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Information-Centric Networking, pp187-188
  2014 Coileain, D.O., O'Mahony, D. Savant: A framework for supporting content accountability in information centric networks Proceedings of the 2014 10th International Conference on Heterogeneous Networking for Quality, Reliability, Security and Robustness, QSHINE 2014, pp188-190
  2013 Doyle, J., Knorn, F., O'Mahony, D. & Shorten, R. Distributed Thermal Aware Load Balancing for Cooling of Modular Data Centers IET Control Theory and Applications, 7(4), pp612-622. DOI:
  2013 Christodoulopoulos, K, Katrinis, K., Ruffini, M. & O'Mahony, D. Tailoring the network to the problem:Topology Configuration in Hybrid Electronic Packet Switched/optical Circuit Switched Interconnects Concurrency Computation Practice and Experience. DOI:
  2013 K. Christodoulopoulos, K. Katrinis, M. Ruffini, D. O'Mahony Tailoring the Network to the Problem: Topology Configuration in Hybrid EPS/OCS Interconnects Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience., 25(17), pp2412-2432 . DOI:
  2013 Doyle, J., Shorten, R., & O'Mahony, D Stratus: Load Balancing the Cloud for Carbon Emissions Control. IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, 1(1). DOI:
  2013 Lugones, D., Christodoulopoulos, K., Katrinis, K., Ruffini, M., O'Mahony, D., Collier, M. Accelerating communication-intensive parallel workloads using commodity optical switches and a software-configurable control stack Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) , 8097, pp713-724. DOI:
  2012 Christodoulopoulos, K., Katrinis, K., Ruffini, M. & O'Mahony, D. Topology Configuration in Hybrid EPS/OCS Interconnects International European Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing (Euro-Par 2012), 7484, pp701-715. DOI:
  2012 Doyle, J., Shorten, R., O'Mahony, D "Fair-share" for fair bandwidth allocation in cloud computing IEEE Communications Letters , 16(4), pp550-553. DOI:
  2012 Doyle Joseph, Shorten Robert, O'MAHONY Donal Fair-Share for Fair Bandwidth allocation in cloud computing IEEE communications letters , 16 (4 ), pp550 -553
  2011 P. Szegedi, J.F. Riera, J.A. Garcia-Espin, M. Hidell, P. Sjodin, P. Soderman, M. Ruffini, D. O'Mahony, A. Bianco, L. Giraudo,... Enabling future internet research: the FEDERICA case IEEE Communications Magazine, 49(7), pp54-61. DOI:
  2011 Joseph Doyle, Donal O'Mahony, Robert Shorten Server Selection for Carbon Emission Control ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Green Networking (GREENET). DOI:
  2010 M. Ruffini, D. O'Mahony, L. Doyle Testing the impairments of dynamic optical switching on TCP traffic through the European FEDERICA testbed infrastructure IEEE International Conference on Tranparent Optical Networks (ICTON), pp1-4. DOI:
  2010 M. Ruffini, D. O'Mahony, L. Doyle Optical IP Switching: a flow-based approach to distributed cross-layer provisioning IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, 2(8), pp609-624. DOI:
  2010 Joseph Doyle, Robert Shorten & Donal O'Mahony An Experimental Evaluation of Distributed Rate Limiting for Cloud Computing Applications ACM/IEEE Symposium on Architectures for Networking and Communications Systems (ANCS 2010), pp5. DOI:
  2010 Doyle, J., Shorten, R., O'Mahony, D. An experimental evaluation of distributed rate limiting for cloud computing applications ANCS 2010 - Proceedings of the 6th ACM/IEEE Symposium on Architectures for Networking and Communications Systems
  2009 Raja Verma, Patroklos Argyroudis and Donal O'Mahony Matching Electricity Supply and Demand using Smart Meters and Home Automation IEEE Conference on Sustainable Alternative Energy (SAE’09), pp09-02-1-09-02-7. DOI:
  2008 Dimitrios Glynos, Patroklos Argyroudis, Christos Douligeris and Donal O'Mahony Twohop: Metric-based Trust Evaluation for Peer-to-Peer Collaboration Environments. 51st Annual IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (Globecom’08), pp1-6. DOI:
  2008 Ruffini, M. and Kilper, D. and O'Mahony, D. and Doyle, L. Cost study of dynamically transparent networks Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFCNFOEC 2008). DOI:
  2008 Patroklos Argyroudis and Donal O'Mahony Security for Ad hoc Networks Encyclopedia of Wireless and Mobile Communications, pp76-88
  2008 Glynos, D., Argyroudis, P., Douligeris, C., O'Mahony, D. TwoHop: Metric-based trust evaluation for peer-to-peer collaboration environments GLOBECOM - IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, pp1979-1984
  2007 Ruffini, M. and O'Mahony, D. and Doyle, L. Feasibility of flow-based optical provisioning in GÈANT Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition and The National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference (OFCNFOEC 2007), pp1-3. DOI:
  2007 Patroklos Argyroudis and Donal O'Mahony ÆTHER - Securing Ubiquitous Computing Environments Handbook on Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing: Innovations and Perspectives
  2007 Argyroundis, P. and Forde, T. and Doyle, L. and O'Mahony, D. A policy-driven trading framework for market-based spectrum assignment Eighth IEEE International Workshop on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks, 2007 (POLICY '07)., pp246-250. DOI:
  2007 Argyroudis, P and McAdoo, R. and Toner, S. and Doyle, L. and O'Mahony, D. Analysing the security threats against network convergence architectures Third International Symposium on Information Assurance and Security (IAS 2007), pp241-246 . DOI:
  2007 Ruffini, M. and O'Mahony, D. and Doyle, L. Dynamic optical path allocation in multi-layer traffic engineering IEEE International Conference on Communications 2007, Workshop (W-03) - Traffic Engineering in Next Generation IP Networks
  2007 M. Ruffini, D. O'Mahony, L. Doyle Optical IP Switching for dynamic traffic engineering in next-generation optical networks Optical Network Design and Modeling, 4534(2007), pp309-318. DOI:
  2007 M.Ruffini, D. O'Mahony, L. Doyle. Automatic Configuration in Future Semi-Transparent Optical Network Nodes Photonic Network Communications, Springer Ed., 14(3), pp241-251. DOI:
  2007 Ruffini, M., O'Mahony, D., Doyle, L. Automatic configuration in future semi-transparent distributed optical networks Photonic Network Communications, 14(3), pp241-251
  2007 O'Mahony, D., Cowsar, L. Welcome from the general co-chairs IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference
  2006 McAdoo, Robert and Argyroudis, Patroklos and Doyle, Linda and O'Mahony, Donal Architectures for person to person communications in disaggregated networks Second IEEE International Conference on Digital Telecommunications (ICDT 2007), pp46. DOI:
  2006 Ruffini, M. and O'Mahony, D. and Doyle, L. E A testbed demonstrating optical IP switching in disaggregated network architecture IEEE Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks and Communities (TridentCo 2006), pp1-6. DOI:
  2006 Ruffini, M and O'Mahony, D and Doyle, L. A cost analysis of optical IP switching in new generation optical networks International Conference on Photonics in Switching, 2006 (PS '06.). DOI:
  2006 Patrokolos Argyroudis, Robert McAdoo, Donal O'Mahony Comparing the costs of Authentication Infrastructures International Workshop on the Economics of Securing the Information Infrastructure (WESII 2006)
  2006 Mulvihill, G, Ruffini, M, Smyth, F.,Barry,L,Doyle,L.,O'Mahony,D. Optical IP Switching a Solution to Dynamic Lightpath Establishment in Disaggregated Network Architectures International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks 2006, pp78-81. DOI:
  2006 Forde , T.K. and Doyle, L.E. and O'Mahony, D. Ad hoc innovation: distributed decision making in ad hoc networks IEEE Communications Magazine, 44(4), pp131-137. DOI:
  2006 Forde, T.K., Doyle, L.E., O'Mahony, D. Autonomous reconfiguration by innovation of diffusions: A distributed decision-making framework for multi-state mobile ad hoc networks IFIP International Federation for Information Processing , 197(2006), pp301-310 . DOI:
  2006 Nolan, K. E. and Ambrose, E. and Doyle, L. E. and O'Mahony, D. Cognitive radio: value creation and value migration Software-Defined Radio Technical Conference and Product Exposition (SDR Forum 2006)
  2005 Argyroudis, P. and O'Mahony, D. Secure routing for mobile ad-hoc networks IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, 7(3), pp2-21. DOI:
  2005 Patroklos G. Argyroudis and Donal O'Mahony Towards Flexible Authorization Management 10th IEEE International Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC'05), pp421-426 . DOI:
  2005 Brian Lee and Donal O'Mahony Policy Based Charging in Multimedia Networks Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 3754 / 2005 , pp145-155. DOI:
  2005 Nolan, K.E., Doyle, L.E., Mackenzie, P. and O'Mahony D. Fluid Wireless -Dynamic Spectrum Allocation and Spectrum-Monitoring Application Using Reconfigurable Radio and OFDM Software Defined Radio Forum (SDR Forum) Technical Conference, pp14-18
  2005 Nolan, K.; Doyle, L.; Mackenzie, P.; & O'Mahony, D. Interface avoidance dynamic adaptative OFDM using a reconfigurable radio platform 7th IFIP International Conference on Mobile and Wireless Communication Networks (MWCN)

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