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Year Authors Title
  2015 Nina Bresnihan, Richard Millwood, Elizabeth Oldham, Glenn Strong and Diana Wilson A critique of the current trend to implement computing in schools Pedagogika, 65(3), pp292-300
  2011 Wilson D and Drew E Cute Hoors and Comely Maidens: Leadership and Gendered Political Reality in Ireland CMS7 2011, pp13
  2007 Dan Remenyi and Diana Wilson eDemocracy: an 'e' Too Far? Critical Developments in E-Government: A Reader, pp89-101
  2007 Diana Wilson, Kevin O'Reilly and David Murray If You Build It, They Will Come...Well, No, Actually: Factors affecting uptake of broadband in Ireland IFIP 8.6: Organisational Dynamics of Technology-based Innovation: Diversifying the Research Agenda
  2009 Bannister, F. and D. Wilson O(ver)-Government: e-Government and the Limits of the Desirable ICEGOV: International Conference on eGovernment and eGoverance, pp1-16
  2011 Bannister, F. and D. Wilson O(ver)-Government?: Emerging technology, citizen autonomy and the regulatory state Information Polity, 16(1), pp63-69
  2007 Diana Wilson, Kevin O'Reilly and David Murray Small World: The Irish Broadband Experience Handbook of Research on Global Diffusion of Broadband Data Transmission, pp211-226
  2015 Diana Wilson, Denise Leahy and Dudley Dolan The European eCompetence Framework: Past, Present and Future IADIS International Journal on Computer Science and Information Systems, 10(1), pp1-13
  2015 Leahy D, Dolan D, Wilson D THE EVOLUTION OF A EUROPEAN E-COMPETENCE FRAMEWORK IADIS International Conference Information Systems, pp137-144
  2002 Diana Wilson, Dermot Beirne, Dawn Hogan and John Keaney The Logistics of Learning: a Lotus Notes Prototype to Co-ordinate Training Support in the Irish Defence Forces 5th International Conference on Business Information Systems

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