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  1998 Grimson, J, Grimson, W. Berry, D., Stephens, G., Felton, E., Kalra, D., Toussaint, P. and Weier, O.W. A COBRA-based integration of distributed electronic healthcare records using the Synapses approach IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, 2(3), pp124-138
  1999 Stephens G, Grimson J A graphical tool to create component-based applications IFCC WorldLab Conference
  2019 Sinead Impey, Damon Berry, Selma Furtado, Miriam Galvin, Loretto Grogan, Orla Hardiman, Lucy Hederman, Mark Heverin, Vincent ... Capturing 'The Everything': a novel approach to domain investigation in a rare disease setting. Health Informatics Society of Ireland 2019 Conference
  2020 Gabrielle Stephens Dave Lewis, Derick MItchell, Design of a Citizen Jury Model: Partnering with the Public for Governance of Artificial Intelligent Solutions for Integrated HealthCare International Conference on Integrated Care
  1994 G. Stephens, P. Gaffney, T. Groth, B. Grimson Design of the User Interface for an Advanced Instrument Workstation Xth International Conference on Computing in Clinical Laboratories
  2020 Sinead Impey, Gaye Stephens, Declan O'Sullivan Exploring Factors that Motivate or Inhibit Nurse-to-Nurse Knowledge Sharing in Outpatient Settings. International Conference on Integrated Care, pp5-10
  2020 Sinead Impey, Gaye Stephens, Lucy Hederman, Declan O'Sullivan Exploring the motivations that drive paper use in clinical practice post-electronic health record adoption – a nursing perspective. International Conference on Health Informatics and Health Information Management, pp10-16
  1998 Grimson W, Berry D, Grimson J, G. Stephens, E. Felton, Given P, O'Moore R Federated Healthcare Record Server-the Synapses paradigm International Journal of Medical Informatics, 52
  1997 Grimson J , E. Felton. G. Stephens, Grimson W, D. Berry Interoperability issues in sharing electronic healthcare records - the Synapses approach IEEE International Conference on Engineering Complex Computer systems
  2020 Sylvia Huntley-Moore, Sinead Impey, Freda Neill, Gaye Stephens, Ellen Joyce Preparing together: connecting students in a virtual knowledge-sharing community. Trinity Health and Education International Research Conference
  2018 Dan Burns, G. Stephens, T. Grimes Shared Electronic Patient Record Access for Community Pharmacists - is there a need and what are important considerations for the design, use and implementation? HSRPP Conference
  2001 Grimson, J., G Stephens, B, Jung, W. Grimson, D Berry, S Pardon Sharing health-care records over the Internet. IEEE Internet Computing, 5(3), pp49-58
  2015 Chen, Xu, Damon Berry, and Gaye Stephens. Using a generalised identity reference model with archetypes to support interoperability of demographics information in electronic health record systems. 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC). IEEE

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