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Year Authors Title
  2008 Brophy C, DJ Gibson, PM Wayne, & J Connolly How reproductive allocation and flowering probability of individuals in plant populations are affected by position in stand size hierarchy, plant size and CO2 regime Journal of Plant Ecology, 1, pp207-215
  2014 Brophy C, DJ Gibson, PW Wayne and J Connolly A mixture model and bootstrap analysis to assess reproductive allocation in plants Statistical Modelling in Biostatistics and Bioinformatic, pp213-219
  2021 Brophy C, G Grange, C Malisch, J Finn Making the most of multi-species mixtures: the role of species and functional diversity in intensively managed grasslands Proceedings of the 34th Meeting of the EUCARPIA Fodder Crops and Amenity Grasses Section: Exploiting Genetic Diversity of Forages to Fulfil their Economical and Environmental Roles, Invited speaker
  2018 Brophy C, JA Finn, A Lüscher, M Suter, L Kirwan, MT Sebastiá, Á Helgadóttir et al Identifying the drivers of changes in the relative abundances of species in agroecosystems 27th General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation, pp586-588
  2019 Brophy C, M Jørgensen, E Elverland and AK Bakken Functional groups drive positive diversity effects on yields across multiple Norwegian sites Joint EGF-EUCARPIA Symposium on "Improving sown grasslands through breeding and management", 24, pp42-44
  2011 Brophy C., Connolly J., Fagerli I.L., Duodu S., Svenning M.M. A Baseline Category Logit Model for Assessing Competing Strains of Rhizobium Bacteria Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics, 16(3), pp409-421. DOI:
  2017 Brophy C., Dooley A., Kirwan L., Finn J.A., McDonnell J., Bell T., Cadotte M.W., Connolly J. Biodiversity and ecosystem function: making sense of numerous species interactions in multi-species communities Ecology, 98(7), pp1771-1778. DOI:
  2017 Brophy C., Finn J.A., Luscher A., Suter M., Kirwan L., Sebastia M.-T., Helgadottir A., Baadshaug O.H., Belanger G., Black A.,... Major shifts in species' relative abundance in grassland mixtures alongside positive effects of species diversity in yield: a continental-scale experiment Journal of Ecology, 105(5), pp1210-1222. DOI:
  2007 Brophy C., Gibson D.J., Wayne P.M., Connolly J. A modelling framework for analysing the reproductive output of individual plants grown in monoculture Ecological Modelling, 207(2-4), pp99-108. DOI:
  2014 Brophy C., Hahn L. Engaging students in a large lecture: An experiment using Sudoku puzzles Journal of Statistics Education, 22(1). DOI:
  2017 Colbert D., Dobutowitsch M., Roche B., Brophy C. The proxy-measurement of intelligence quotients using a relational skills abilities index Learning and Individual Differences, 57, pp114-122. DOI:
  2008 Collins RP, M Fothergill, E Rees, L Kirwan, C Brophy and J Connolly Site effects on species productivity and dynamics: results from COST 852 in Wales 22nd European Grassland Federation General Meeting, 13, pp230-232
  2009 Connolly J, JA Finn, AD Black, L Kirwan, C Brophy and A Lüscher Effects of multi-species swards on dry matter production and the incidence of unsown species at three Irish sites. Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research, 48, pp243-260
  2010 Connolly J, T Bell, C Brophy, T Carnus, JA Finn, L Kirwan, A Lüscher, MT Sebastia and A Weigelt Multi-species mixtures - new perspectives on models and mechanisms 23rd European Grassland Federation General Meeting , 15, pp782-784
  2013 Connolly J., Bell T., Bolger T., Brophy C., Carnus T., Finn J.A., Kirwan L., Isbell F., Levine J., Luscher A., Picasso V., Ro... An improved model to predict the effects of changing biodiversity levels on ecosystem function Journal of Ecology, 101(2), pp344-355. DOI:
  2011 Connolly J., Cadotte M.W., Brophy C., AIne D., Finn J., Kirwan L., Roscher C., Weigelt A. Phylogenetically diverse grasslands are associated with pairwise interspecific processes that increase biomass Ecology, 92(7), pp1385-1392. DOI:
  2018 Connolly J., Sebastia M.-T., Kirwan L., Finn J.A., Llurba R., Suter M., Collins R.P., Porqueddu C., Helgadottir A., Baadshaug... Weed suppression greatly increased by plant diversity in intensively managed grasslands: A continental-scale experiment Journal of Applied Ecology, 55(2), pp852-862. DOI:
  2022 Cummins S, JA Finn, KG Richards, GJ Lanigan, G Grange, C Brophy, LM Cardenas, TH Misselbrook, CK Reynolds, and DJ. Krol Strong beneficial effects of grassland sward diversity on reducing nitrous oxide emissions and emissions intensity Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics, 27, pp364-6
  2021 Cummins S., Finn J.A., Richards K.G., Lanigan G.J., Grange G., Brophy C., Cardenas L.M., Misselbrook T.H., Reynolds C.K., Kro... Beneficial effects of multi-species mixtures on N2O emissions from intensively managed grassland swards Science of the Total Environment, 792. DOI:
  2015 Dooley A., Isbell F., Kirwan L., Connolly J., Finn J.A., Brophy C. Testing the effects of diversity on ecosystem multifunctionality using a multivariate model Ecology Letters, 18(11), pp1242-1251. DOI:
  2009 Duodu S., Brophy C., Connolly J., Svenning M.M. Competitiveness of a native Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar trifolii strain for nodule occupancy is manifested during infection Plant and Soil, 318(1-2), pp117-126. DOI:
  2013 Finn J.A., Kirwan L., Connolly J., Sebastia M.T., Helgadottir A., Baadshaug O.H., Belanger G., Black A., Brophy C., Collins R... Ecosystem function enhanced by combining four functional types of plant species in intensively managed grassland mixtures: A 3-year continental-scale field experiment Journal of Applied Ecology, 50(2), pp365-375. DOI:
  2009 Frankow-Lindberg B.E., Brophy C., Collins R.P., Connolly J. Biodiversity effects on yield and unsown species invasion in a temperate forage ecosystem Annals of Botany, 103(6), pp913-921. DOI:
  2019 Grange G, C Brophy and J Finn Effects of plant diversity on yield in intensively managed grasslands. Joint EGF-EUCARPIA Symposium on "Improving sown grasslands through breeding and management", 24, pp54-56
  2022 Grange G, C Brophy and JA Finn Grassland legacy effects on yield of a follow-on crop in rotation strongly influenced by legume proportion and moderately by drought European Journal of Agronomy, 138, pp126531. DOI:
  2022 Grange G, C Brophy, JA Finn Drought and plant diversity effects on the agronomic multifunctionality of intensively managed grassland Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics, 27, pp403-5
  2022 Grange G, C Brophy, JA Finn Legacy effects in a grassland-crop rotation enhanced by legume content Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics, 27, pp593-5
  2021 Grange G., Finn J.A., Brophy C. Plant diversity enhanced yield and mitigated drought impacts in intensively managed grassland communities Journal of Applied Ecology. DOI:
  2008 Helgadóttir A, J Connolly, R Collins, M Fothergill, M Kreuzer, A Lüscher, C Porqueddu, MT Sebastià, M Wachendorf, C Brophy... The benefits of sward diversity for cultivated grasslands 22nd European Grassland Federation General Meeting, 13, pp39-51
  2009 Kirwan L., Connolly J., Finn J.A., Brophy C., Luscher A., Nyfeler D., Sebastia M.-T. Diversity-interaction modeling: Estimating contributions of species identities and interactions to ecosystem function Ecology, 90(8), pp2032-2038. DOI:
  2007 Kirwan L., Luscher A., Sebastia M.T., Finn J.A., Collins R.P., Porqueddu C., Helgadottir A., Baadshaug O.H., Brophy C., Coran... Evenness drives consistent diversity effects in intensive grassland systems across 28 European sites Journal of Ecology, 95(3), pp530-539. DOI:
  2022 Kwambai TK, PC Struik, D Griffin, L Stack, S Rono, M Nyongesa, C Brophy and M Gorman Understanding potato production practices in north-western Kenya through surveys: an important key to improving production
  2008 Luscher A., Finn J.A., Connolly J., Sebastia M.T., Collins R., Fothergill M., Porqueddu C., Brophy C., Huguenin-Elie O., Kirw... Benefits of sward diversity for agricultural grasslands Biodiversity, 9(1-2), pp29-32. DOI:
  2017 Maher A.M.D., Asaiyah M.A.M., Brophy C., Griffin C.T. An Entomopathogenic Nematode Extends Its Niche by Associating with Different Symbionts Microbial Ecology, 73(1), pp211-223. DOI:
  2023 McDonnell J, T McKenna, KA Yurkonis, D Hennessy, R de Andrade Moral and C Brophy A mixed model for assessing the effect of numerous plant species interactions on grassland biodiversity and ecosystem function relationships Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics, 28, pp1-19. DOI:
  2019 McDonnell J., Brophy C., Ruelle E., Shalloo L., Lambkin K., Hennessy D. Weather forecasts to enhance an Irish grass growth model European Journal of Agronomy, 105, pp168-175. DOI:
  2018 McDonnell J., Lambkin K., Fealy R., Hennessy D., Shalloo L., Brophy C. Verification and bias correction of ECMWF forecasts for Irish weather stations to evaluate their potential usefulness in grass growth modelling Meteorological Applications, 25(2), pp292-301. DOI:
  2018 McDonnell, J, C Brophy, E Ruelle, K Lambkin, R Fealy, L Shalloo and D Hennessy, D. Evaluation of ECMWF weather forecasts and their inclusion in an Irish grass growth model. 27th General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation, 23, pp823-825
  2019 McKenna T.P., McDonnell J., Yurkonis K.A., Brophy C. Helianthus maximiliani and species fine-scale spatial pattern affect diversity interactions in reconstructed tallgrass prairies Ecology and Evolution, 9(21), pp12171-12181. DOI:
  2012 O'Connor P.J., Hennessy D., Brophy C., O'Donovan M., Lynch M.B. The effect of the nitrification inhibitor dicyandiamide (DCD) on herbage production when applied at different times and rates in the autumn and winter Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 152, pp79-89. DOI:
  2015 Richards K.G., Jahangir M.M.R., Drennan M., Lenehan J.J., Connolly J., Brophy C., Carton O.T. Effect of an agri-environmental measure on nitrate leaching from a beef farming system in Ireland Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 202, pp17-24. DOI:
  2006 Ryan M, C Brophy, J Connolly, K Mc Namara, & OT Carton Monitoring of nitrogen leaching on a dairy farm during four drainage seasons. Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research, 45, pp115-134
  2011 Stinson K.A., Brophy C., Connolly J. Catching up on global change: New ragweed genotypes emerge in elevated CO2 conditions Ecosphere, 2(4). DOI:
  2014 Sturludottir E., Brophy C., Belanger G., Gustavsson A.-M., Jorgensen M., Lunnan T., Helgadottir A. Benefits of mixing grasses and legumes for herbage yield and nutritive value in Northern Europe and Canada Grass and Forage Science, 69(2), pp229-240. DOI:
  2019 Toleikiene M., Brophy C., Arlauskiene A., Rasmussen J., Gecaite V., Kadziuliene Z. The introduction of soybean in an organic crop rotation in the nemoral zone: The impact on subsequent spring wheat productivity Zemdirbyste, 106(4), pp321-328. DOI:
  2021 Toleikiene M., Zvirdauskiene R., Suproniene S., Arlauskiene A., Brophy C., Kadziuliene Z. Soil microbial functional diversity responds to plant-based organic fertilisers depending on the group of carbon sources Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 30(3), pp2755-2768. DOI:

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