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  1967 F. Neelamkavil Sensitivity Analysis in Multivariable System Design IEE Electronic Letters, 3(9), pp404-405
  1968 F. Neelamkavil Reducibility of Multivariable Systems Proceedings of IEEE, 3, pp354-355
  1969 F. Neelamkavil Computation of Transition Matrix Proceedings of IEEE, 57(11), pp2079-2080
  1971 F. Neelamkavil Quantitative Methods in Educational Planning Proc of the Operations Research Society of Ireland, National Conference
  1972 Neelamkavil F. Mathematical Models in Educational Planning Proc Of the Third Congress of Bulgarian Mathematicians
  1976 M. Hennessy and E. A. Ashcroft. The semantics of nondeterminism. Third International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming, pp478-493
  1976 Ahmad K.,Corbett G. G. and Colenso M. On the Teaching of Russian Numerals by using on-line Computers Assoc. Ling. and Lit. Computer Bull, 6, pp235-241
  1976 Haslett, J. Control of a multipurpose reservoir Advances in Applied Probability, 8(3), pp592-609
  1977 M. C. B. Hennessy and E. A. Ashcroft. Parameter-passing mechanisms and nondeterminism Ninth Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing, pp306-311. DOI:
  1977 D.P. Mc Carthy The Optimal Algorithm to Evaluate xn using Elementary Multiplication Methods Mathematics of Computation, 31, pp251-256
  1977 Hand, F.; Asare, B.; Haslett, J. Domestic hot water and solar-energy in Ireland International Journal of Energy Research, 1(3), pp249-257
  1977 Haslett, J.; Lowe, W.J. Household Structure and Overcrowding among Lancashire Irish - 1851-1871 Histoire Sociale-Social History, 9(17), pp45-58
  1978 Ahmad K.,Corbett G. G., and Edwards J.M. Development in CAL for Russian Russian Language Journal, 32, pp37-42
  1979 M. C. B. Hennessy and G. D. Plotkin Full abstraction for a simple parallel programming language Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science , 74, pp108-120. DOI:
  1979 Ahmad K. and Rogers M.A. GERAD: An adjective morphology teaching program Journal of Computer Based Instruction, 6, pp55-59
  1979 F. Neelamkavil Computation of Material Requirements for Production Planning BIT, 19(1), pp34-38
  1979 Moss W.D., Knowles P.R. and Ahmad K. CAL Packages for Civil Engineering Hydraulics and Structure Design Computers and Education, 3, pp391-399
  1979 Haslett, J.; Kelledy E. Assessment of Actual Wind Power-Availability in Ireland International Journal of Energy Research, 3(4), pp333-348
  1979 Haslett, J. Diffusion-Model for the Storage of Solar Thermal-Energy Journal of the Operational Research Society, 30(5), pp433-438
  1980 Matthew C. B. Hennessy. A proof system for the first-order relational calculus. Journal of Computer and System Sciences, 20(1), pp96-110. DOI:
  1980 M. C. B. Hennessy. The semantics of call-by-value and call-by-name in a nondeterministic environment. SIAM Journal on Computing, 9(1), pp67-84. DOI:
  1980 Matthew C. B. Hennessy and Gordon D. Plotkin A term model for CCS Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science , 88, pp261-274. DOI:
  1980 Matthew C. B. Hennessy and Robin Milner. On observing nondeterminism and concurrency. Automata, Languages and Programming, 7th Colloquium, 85, pp299-309. DOI:
  1980 M. C. B. Hennessy and E. A. Ashcroft. A mathematical semantics for a nondeterministic typed lambda-calculus. Theoretical Computer Science, 11(3), pp227-245
  1980 F. Neelamkavil Simplification of Linear Dynamic Models for Computer Control Applied Mathematical Modelling, 4, pp477-478
  1980 Jeremy Jones Towards a HLL Orientated Microprocessor Instruction Set Euromicro Journal
  1980 J. D. Neelamkavil, F. Neelamkavil Computer Aided Production Planning in a Tyre Factory Economic computation and Economic Cybernetics Studies and Research, 14(3), pp91-103
  1980 Francis Neelamkavil Computation of Generalised Inverse of a Special Class of Matrices Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 6, pp411-413
  1980 F. Neelamkavil Simulation of Operating System - A Functional Flow Chart ACMOperating Systems Review, 14(3), pp16-21
  1980 Haslett, J.; Hand, F. P. Models in solar water heating--a critical comparison European Journal of Operational Research, 4(1), pp1-6. DOI:
  1981 Matthew Hennessy. A term model for synchronous processes. Information and Control, 51(1), pp58-75. DOI:
  1981 Francis Neelamkavil Simulation of Manufacturing Systems Proc. of UKSC Conference on Computer Simulation, Science &Technology Press, pp90-96
  1981 Francis Neelamkavil Simulation of Operating Systems ACM SIMULETTER, 12(1-4), pp86-91
  1981 Francis Neelamkavil Triangularisation of Very Large Nilpotent Matrices Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 81A(2), pp237-249
  1981 Ahmad K. and Rogers M.A. Development of Teaching Packages for Undergraduate Students of German , pp253-263
  1981 Francis Neelamkavil Error Control in the Numerical Inversion of the Eigenvector Matrix ACM SIGNUM, 16(1)
  1981 Ahmad K. and Corbett G. G. Bilingual Terminals: Input and Output in Cyrillic and Roman Scripts , pp237-252
  1981 Francis Neelamkavil Current Issues in Computer Modelling and Simulation Proc of the Workshop on Current Developments in Operations Research
  1981 Ahmad K., Moss W.D. and Knowles P.R. Simulation, Modelling and Computer Graphics in Undergraduate Engineering Education , pp43-64
  1981 Haslett, J.; Kelledy, E. A note on the use of the models in the estimation of wind power availability Wind Engineering, 5(1), pp6-11
  1981 Haslett, J.; Carlin, J. A simple model for the probability distribution of wind power with applications to large scale electricity generation Wind Engineering, 5(2), pp115-132
  1981 Haslett, J., Diesendorf, M The capacity credit of wind power: A theoretical analysis Solar Energy , 26(5), pp391-401. DOI:
  1981 Haslett, J. The effect of dispersal on the capacity value of wind power Wind Engineering, 5(1), pp1-5
  1982 Matthew Hennessy. Powerdomains and nondeterministic recursive definitions. international symposium on programming, 137/1982, pp178-193. DOI:
  1982 Grimson, J. Design implications for database management systems supporting hospital information systems Proc. Medical Informatics Europe, MIE 82, pp1-6
  1982 Jeremy Jones A Pascal Orientated Microprogrammed Processor Proceedings 4th International Workshop on High Level Language Computer Architecture
  1982 Grimson, J. An efficient deadlock-free algorithm for handling concurrent update in databases Proc. 2nd British National Conference on Databases, pp109-121
  1982 N. Harris, C. Horn, S. Baker, P. Duggan, D. Lyons, B. Tangney Co-ordinated Decentralised Computer Systems , 82, pp777-783
  1982 Ahmad K., Scott R.A. and Sur M. Stochastic Modelling on AP-120B - an application to water resources planning Computer Physics Communications, 27, pp91-95
  1982 D. J. Daley and J. Haslett A thermal energy storage process with controlled input Advances in Applied Probability, 14(2), pp257-271

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