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  2021 Carl Vogel Linguistic Evidence of Ageing in the Pratchett Canon Progresses in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Systems, pp531-541. DOI:
  2021 S. Chaudhari, M. Clear, P. Bradish and H. Tewari Framework for a DLT Based COVID-19 Passport Computing Conference 2021
  2021 Fellenz, M.R., Brady, M., MacMahon, M., & Dukes, J. Comparison activities to support students’ self-regulated learning in computing education SIGCSE The 52nd ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, pp1-8
  2021 Moynihan, Matthew; Ruano, Susana; Pagés, Rafael; Smolic, Aljosa Autonomous Tracking For Volumetric Video Sequences Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision 2021 (WACV 2021), 2021.. DOI:
  2021 Lutz, Sebastian; Smolic, Aljosa Foreground color prediction through inverse compositing Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision 2021 (WACV 2021), 2021., pp 1610-1619
  2021 O’Dwyer, Néill; Zerman, Emin; Young, Gareth W; Smolic, Aljosa; Dunne, Siobhán; Shenton, Helen Volumetric Video in Augmented Reality Applications for Museological Narratives: A user study for the Long Room in the Library of Trinity College Dublin Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage, Forthcoming., pp20 pages
  2021 C. Zukowsky, A. Mukhopadhyay, D.B. Payne, M, Ruffini Cost Analysis of Rural Roll-Out using long reach PON: Trading off Upfront Cost Under Uncertainty of User Take-up Rate Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, 13(5), pp69-84. DOI:
  2021 Egan, Donal; Alain, Martin; Smolic, Aljosa LIGHT FIELD STYLE TRANSFER WITH LOCAL ANGULAR CONSISTENCY 2021 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), , pp1-5
  2021 Ruano, Susana; Smolic, Aljosa A Benchmark for 3D Reconstruction from Aerial Imagery in an Urban Environment VISAPP 2021 -16th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications, 2021.. DOI:
  2021 C. Nadal, C. Earley, A. Enrique, N. Vigano, C. Sas, D. Richards & G. Doherty Integration of a smartwatch within an internet-delivered intervention for depression: protocol for a feasibility randomized controlled trial on acceptance Contemporary Clinical Trials, 103. DOI:
  2021 Hassani, Hamid, Gringoli, Francesco, Leith, Douglas J. Quick & plenty: Achieving low delay & high rate in 802.11ac edge networks Computer Networks, 187, pp107820. DOI:
  2021 David L. Smyth Gareth W. Young, Jan Ondrej Rogerio Silva Alan Cummins Susheel Nath Amar Zia Arslaan Pisut Wisessing ; Smolic,... Semantic Crowd Re-targeting: Implementation for Real-time Applications and User Evaluations IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops (VRW), . DOI:
  2021 Daniel P. Mc Carthy The Council of Nicaea and the Celebration of the Christian Pasch The Cambridge Companion to the Council of Nicaea, pp242-275
  2021 Kwak, J. and Paschos, G. and Iosifidis, G. Elastic FemtoCaching: Scale, Cache, and Route IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. DOI:
  2021 Dangond, Fernando, Alexis Donnelly, Reinhard Hohlfeld, Catherine Lubetzki, Susan Kohlhaas, Letizia Leocani, Olga Ciccarelli, ... Facing the urgency of therapies for progressive MS — a Progressive MS Alliance proposal Nature Reviews Neurology, 17(3), pp185-192 to. DOI:
  2021 Neill O'Dwyer Digital Scenography: 30 Years of Experimentation and Innovation in Performance and Interactive Media , pp1-224
  2021 Harshvardhan J. Pandit,Brian Lynch,Dave Lewis Crowd-sourcing Multi-Domain Issues in Consent Dialogues for Automated Generation of Legal Complaints CHI Workshop on Dark Patterns in Design: What Can CHI Do About Dark Patterns? (DarkPatterns) - co-located with ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI)
  2021 White, G. and Zink, A. and Codecá, L. and Clarke, S. A digital twin smart city for citizen feedback Cities, 110(103064). DOI:
  2021 Bansal, M. and Chana, I. and Clarke, S. A Survey on IoT Big Data: Current Status, 13 V's Challenges, and Future Directions ACM Computing Surveys, 53(6). DOI:
  2021 A. Balaskas, S.M. Schueller, A. Cox & G. Doherty Ecological momentary interventions for mental health: A scoping review PLoS ONE, 16(3). DOI:
  2021 S. Cronin, B. Kane and G. Doherty A Qualitative Analysis of the Needs and Experiences of Hospital-based Clinicians when Accessing Medical Imaging Journal of Digital Imaging. DOI:
  2021 Dave Lewis, David Filip, Harshvardhan J Pandit An Ontology for Standardising Trustworthy AI Factoring Ethics in Technology, Policy Making and Regulation
  2020 Joeran Beel Please visit my Google Scholar profile for a complete list of publications
  2020 Barbara De Kegel and Mads Haahr Procedural Puzzle Generation: A Survey IEEE Transactions on Games, 12(1), pp21-40. DOI:
  2020 Insua D.R, Ruggeri F, Soyer R, Wilson S Advances in Bayesian decision making in reliability European Journal of Operational Research, 282, pp1-18. DOI:
  2020 Hui Wu, Yanfu Li, Mimi Zhang The Integrated-Square-Error Criterion for Online Change-Point Detection Communications in Statistics – Theory and Methods
  2020 Gerard Lacey, Jiang Zhou, Xuchun Li, Christine Craven, Chris Gush The impact of automatic video auditing with real-time feedback on the quality and quantity of handwash events in a hospital setting American journal of infection control, 48(2), pp162-166. DOI:
  2020 Carl Vogel, Maria Koutsombogera, Rachel Costello Analyzing Likert Scale Inter-annotator Disagreement Neural Approaches to Dynamics of Signal Exchanges. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, pp383-393. DOI:
  2020 Justine Reverdy, Maria Koutsombogera, Carl Vogel Linguistic Repetition in Three-Party Conversations Neural Approaches to Dynamics of Signal Exchanges. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, pp359-370. DOI:
  2020 Strong G., Higgins C., Bresnihan N., Millwood R. Prior Programming Experience of Undergraduate Computing and Engineering Students in Ireland Encyclopedia of Education and Information Technologies. DOI:
  2020 K. Doherty, M. Barry, J. Marcano- Belisario, C. Morrison, J. Car, and G. Doherty Personal Information and Public Health: Design Tensions in Sharing and Monitoring Wellbeing in Pregnancy International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 135. DOI:
  2020 Qu, C., Sas, C., Dauden Roquet, C., Doherty, G. Functionality of Top-Rated Mobile Apps for Depression: Systematic Search and Evaluation JMIR Mental Health, 7(1). DOI:
  2020 Kearney S., Gallagher S., & Tangney B. ETAS: An instrument for measuring attitudes toward learning English with technology Technology, Pedagogy and Education, 29(4), pp445-461. DOI:
  2020 Sullivan K., Bray A., & Tangney B. Developing twenty-first-century skills in out-of-school education: The Bridge21 Transition Year programme Technology, Pedagogy and Education. DOI:
  2020 Forde C.and Gallagher, S Postgraduate Online Teaching in Healthcare: An Analysis of Student Perspectives Online Learning Journal, 24(1). DOI:
  2020 Gabrielle Stephens Dave Lewis, Derick MItchell, Design of a Citizen Jury Model: Partnering with the Public for Governance of Artificial Intelligent Solutions for Integrated HealthCare International Conference on Integrated Care
  2020 Sinead Impey, Gaye Stephens, Declan O'Sullivan Exploring Factors that Motivate or Inhibit Nurse-to-Nurse Knowledge Sharing in Outpatient Settings. International Conference on Integrated Care
  2020 Sylvia Huntley-Moore, Sinead Impey, Freda Neill, Gaye Stephens, Ellen Joyce Preparing together: connecting students in a virtual knowledge-sharing community. Trinity Health and Education International Research Conference
  2020 Sinead Impey, Gaye Stephens, Lucy Hederman, Declan O'Sullivan Exploring the motivations that drive paper use in clinical practice post-electronic health record adoption – a nursing perspective. International Conference on Health Informatics and Health Information Management
  2020 P. Chikersal, D. Belgrave, G. Doherty, A. Enrique, J. E. Palacios, D. Richards and A. Thieme Understanding Client Support Strategies to Improve Clinical Outcomes in an Online Mental Health Intervention ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2020). DOI:
  2020 Haider, Fasih and Koutsombogera, Maria and Conlan, Owen and Vogel, Carl and Campbell, Nick and Luz, Saturnino An Active Data Representation of Videos for Automatic Scoring of Oral Presentation Delivery Skills and Feedback Generation Frontiers in Computer Science, 2, pp1. DOI:
  2020 M. Ruffini, A. Ahmadi, S. Zeb, N. Afraz and F. Slyne The Virtual DBA: Virtualizing Passive Optical Networks to Enable Multi-Service Operation in True Multi-Tenant Environments Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, pp1-10. DOI:
  2020 S. Zhu, C. Gutterman, A. Diaz Montiel, J. Yu, M. Rufini, G. Zussman and D. Kilper Hybrid Machine Learning EDFA Model Optical Fibre Communications (OFC), pp1-3
  2020 B. Lantz, A. Diaz-Montiel, J. Yu, C. Rios, M. Ruffini and D. Kilper Demonstration of Software-DefinedPacket-Optical Network Emulation with Mininet-Optical and ONOS Optical Fibre Communications (OFC), pp1-3
  2020 A. Ahmad, F. Slyne, S. Zeb, A. Wahab, R. Azhar Khan and M. Ruffini Capacity sharing approaches in multi-tenant, multi-service PONs for low-latency fronthaul applications based on cooperative-DBA Optical Fibre Communications (OFC), pp1-3
  2020 F. Slyne, D. Coyle, J. Singh, R. Sexton, B. Ryan, R. Giller, M. O’Hanlon and M. Ruffini Experimental Demonstration of multiple Disaggregated OLTs with Virtualised Multi Tenant DBA, over General Purpose Processor Optical Fibre Communications (OFC), pp1-3
  2020 S. Das, M. Ruffini PON Virtualisation with EAST-WEST Communications for Low-Latency Converged Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) Optical Fibre Communications (OFC), pp1-3
  2020 Tim Fernando Temporal Representations with and without Points Logic and Algorithms in Computational Linguistics 2018, pp45-66
  2020 Bray A., Byrne J.R., & Tangney B. STEM CPD For 21st Century Teaching & Learning – The Bridge21 Approach Science and mathematics education for 21st century citizens: challenges and ways forwards
  2020 Gueriau, Maxime and Cugurullo, Federico and Acheampong, Ransford A. and Dusparic, Ivana Shared Autonomous Mobility-on-Demand: Learning-based approach and its performance in the presence of traffic congestion IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine

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