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  2020 Joeran Beel Please visit my Google Scholar profile for a complete list of publications
  2020 Carl Vogel, Maria Koutsombogera, Rachel Costello Analyzing Likert Scale Inter-annotator Disagreement Neural Approaches to Dynamics of Signal Exchanges. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, pp383-393. DOI:
  2020 Justine Reverdy, Maria Koutsombogera, Carl Vogel Linguistic Repetition in Three-Party Conversations Neural Approaches to Dynamics of Signal Exchanges. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, pp359-370. DOI:
  2020 K. Doherty, M. Barry, J. Marcano- Belisario, C. Morrison, J. Car, and G. Doherty Personal Information and Public Health: Design Tensions in Sharing and Monitoring Wellbeing in Pregnancy International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 135. DOI:
  2020 Kearney S., Gallagher S., & Tangney B. ETAS: An instrument for measuring attitudes toward learning English with technology Technology, Pedagogy and Education
  2020 Sullivan K., Bray A., & Tangney B. Developing twenty-first-century skills in out-of-school education: The Bridge21 Transition Year programme Technology, Pedagogy and Education
  2020 Forde C.and Gallagher, S Listening to the online learner - student experiences in a 27-week postgraduate online course in exercise prescription Online Learning Journal
  2019 Klaussner, C. and Vogel, C. A diachronic corpus for literary style analysis , pp3496-3503
  2019 Sean Cronin and Gavin Doherty Touchless computer interfaces in hospitals: a review Health Informatics, 25(4). DOI:
  2019 Marco Ruffini and Frank Slyne Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualisation for converged access-metro networks Optical and Wireless Convergence for 5G Networks, pp30
  2019 Collier M. and Beel J. Memory-Augmented Neural Networks for Machine Translation Machine Translation (MT) Summit, pp30-42
  2019 Saman Feghhi, Douglas J. Leith An Efficient Web Traffic Defence Against Timing-Analysis Attacks IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 14(2), pp525--540. DOI:
  2019 K. Doherty and G. Doherty Engagement in HCI: Conception, Theory and Measurement ACM Computing Surveys, 51(5), pp99 -. DOI:
  2019 Mimi Zhang Forward-Stagewise Clustering: An Algorithm for Convex Clustering Pattern Recognition Letters, 128, pp283-289
  2019 Mimi Zhang Weighted Clustering Ensemble: A Review Pattern Recognition
  2019 Adrian O'Hagan and Arthur White Improved model-based clustering performance using Bayesian initialization averaging Computational Statistics, 34(1), pp201-231. DOI:
  2019 Mimi Zhang The Restless Bandits Problem with Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes Operations Research Letters
  2019 Joseph O'Donovan, Declan O'Sullivan, Kris McGlinn Method for converting IFC geometric data into GeoSPARQL 7th Linked Data in Architecture and Construction (LDAC) Workshop , pp10-18
  2019 Mimi Zhang Multivariate Modeling as Supervised Learning: the Pair Copula Construction Approach Computational Statistics and Data Analysis
  2019 M. Ruffini, F. Slyne Moving the Network to the Cloud: the Cloud Central Office Revolution and its Implications for the Optical Layer Journal of Lightwave Technology, pp1-11. DOI:
  2019 Christophe Debruyne, Harshvardhan J. Pandit, David Lewis, Declan O'Sullivan A Consent-aware Mapping Engine for Generating Policy-compliant Datasets 13th IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing
  2019 Subhrajyoti Maji and John Dingliana Perceptually Optimized Color Maps for Visualizing Large Numbers of Features Second International Conference on Advanced Computational and Communication Paradigms. DOI:
  2019 Barbara Barabasz, Stephen Barrett, Leszek Siwik, Marcin Los, Krzysztof Podsiadlo, Maciej Wozniak Speeding up Multi-objective Optimization of Liquid Fossil Fuel Reserve Exploitation with Parallel Hybrid Memory Integration Journal of Computational Science
  2019 Néill O'Dwyer, Nicholas Johnson, Enda Bates, Rafael Pagés, Jan Ondřej, Konstantinos Amplianitis, David Monaghan and Al... Samuel Beckett in Virtual Reality: exploring narrative using free viewpoint video Leonardo(10.1162/leon_a_01721). DOI:
  2019 Mimi Zhang, Matthew Revie and John Quigley The Generalized Inverse Gaussian Levy Process Statistica Sinica
  2019 S. Sharkey and H. Tewari Alt-PoW: An Alternative Proof-of-Work Mechanism IEEE International Conference on Decentralized Applications and Infrastructures (DAPPCON), pp11-18. DOI:
  2019 M. Butt, C. Galiotto, I. Macaluso, N. Marchetti Fair Dynamic Spectrum Management in Licensed Shared Access Systems IEEE Systems Journal, 13(3), pp2363-2374. DOI:
  2019 Paul D. Townsend, David B. Payne, Giuseppe Talli, Marco Ruffini and Alan Hill Long-reach PON and access/metro integration Springer Handbook of Optical Networks, pp1-45
  2019 Mostafa Bayomi, Annalina Caputo, Matthew Nicholson, Anirban Chakraborty, Seamus Lawless A Cold-start Resistant and Extensible Recommender System ACM Symposium On Applied Computing, pp1665-1669
  2019 Sean Bruton and David Ganter and Michael Manzke Synthesising Light Field Volumetric Visualizations in Real-time Using A Compressed Volume Representation 14th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (VISIGRAPP), pp96-105. DOI:
  2019 SeanMartin and Sean Bruton and David Ganter and Michael Manzke Using a Depth Heuristic for Light Field Volume Rendering 14th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision, Imaging and Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (VISIGRAPP), pp134-144. DOI:
  2019 Haider, F. and Akira, H. and Vogel, C. and Campbell, N. and Luz, S. Analysing patterns of right brain-hemisphere activity prior to speech articulation for identification of system-directed speech Speech Communication, 107, pp18-25. DOI:
  2019 A. A. Dıaz-Montiel, S. Aladin, C. Tremblay and M. Ruffini Active Wavelength Load as a Feature for QoTEstimation Based on Support Vector Machine IEEE International Conference on Communications, pp1-6
  2019 David Filip Localization Standards Reader 4.0 Multilingual, 30(1), pp59-73
  2019 M. Baldi, F. Chiaraluce, L. Incipini and M. Ruffini Code-based physical layer secret key generation in passive optical networks Ad Hoc Networks, pp1-26. DOI:
  2019 J Beel, A Collins, O Kopp, L Dietz, P Knoth Online Evaluations for Everyone: Mr. DLib's Living Lab for Scholarly Recommendations 41st European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR), pp100-103
  2019 Felix Beierle, Akiko Aizawa, Andrew Collins, and Joeran Beel Choice Overload in Research-Paper Recommender Systems International Journal of Digital Libraries, pp12-38
  2019 Rana, Aakanksha; Ozcinar, Cagri; Smolic, Aljosa Towards Generating Ambisonics Using Audio-Visual Cue for Virtual Reality 44th International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, (ICASSP), Forthcoming., pp2012-2016
  2019 Ozcinar, Cagri, Cabrera, Julian, Smolic, Aljosa Visual Attention-Aware Omnidirectional Video Streaming Using Optimal Tiles for Virtual Reality IEEE Journal on Emerging and Selected Topics in Circuits and Systems, pp1-1. DOI:
  2019 Zerman, Emin; Gao, Pan; Ozcinar, Cagri; Smolic, Aljosa Subjective and objective quality assessment for volumetric video compression Electronic Imaging, pp1--. DOI:
  2019 Hudon, Matis, Grogan, Mairéad, Pagés, Rafael, Smoli¿, Aljo¿a Deep Normal Estimation for Automatic Shading of Hand-Drawn Characters Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), pp246-262. DOI:
  2019 Mikael Le Pendu, Aljosa Smolic, Christine Guillemot A Fourier Disparity Layer representation for Light Fields A Fourier Disparity Layer representation for Light Fields
  2019 Néill O'Dwyer and Nicholas Johnson Exploring Volumetric Video and Narrative through Samuel Beckett's "Play" International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, 15(1). DOI:
  2019 Carina Girvan, Timothy Savage Virtual Worlds: A New Environment for Constructionist Learning Computers in Human Behavior. DOI:
  2019 Joy Leahy, Howard Thom, Jeroen P. Jansen, Emma Gray, Aisling O'Leary, Arthur White, Cathal Walsh Incorporating single-arm evidence into a network meta-analysis using aggregate level matching: Assessing the impact Statistics in Medicine, 38(14), pp2505-2523. DOI:
  2019 Qu, C., Sas, C., Doherty, G. Exploring and Designing for Memory Impairments in Depression
 ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2019), pp510-. DOI:
  2019 K. Doherty, J. Marcano-Belisario, M. Cohn, N. Mastellos, C. Morrison, J. Car, and G. Doherty Engagement with Mental Health Screening on Mobile Devices: Results from an Antenatal Feasibility Study ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2019). DOI:
  2019 Sanches P., Janson, A., Karpashevich, P., Nadal, C., Qu, C., Dauden Roquet, C., Umair, M., Windlin, C., Doherty, G., Hook, K.... HCI and Affective Health: Taking stock of a decade of studies and charting future research directions ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2019). DOI:
  2019 Carl Vogel Formulaic Thought and Expression in Linguistic Politeness Culture, Cognition, Discourse and Grammar: Cognitive Considerations on Formulaic Language, pp253-265. DOI:
  2019 Tim Fernando and Carl Vogel Prior Probabilities of Allen Interval Relations over Finite Orders Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence - Volume 2: NLPinAI, , pp952-961

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